San Ramon Valley High School

Active Threat Drill at Del Amigo August 9. 2018 8 am - 1 pm.

Dear SRVHS Families,

We'd like to let you all know about a Danville Police training exercise coming up on Thursday, August 9, 2018, that will take place at Del Amigo High School (located behind the SRVHS stadium).

On August 9, the Danville Police Department, in cooperation with the School District, will conduct their annual "Active Threat" training. This year's exercise will take place on the campus of Del Amigo High School (186 Del Amigo Rd.), from approximately 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. During training, Del Amigo High School will be closed to all pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Staff, students, residents and visitors to the area should be aware that during the training, police officers will be engaging in several scenarios on campus involving intruders or active shooters. Volunteer role players will be on the scene, acting as victims, staff, or intruders. Police officers will engage in several scenarios which may involve loud noises and tactical responses. Officers will use 'simulated ammunition' (small paint balls) in the training exercise.


The training will involve a number of police officers and emergency services vehicles.  During the training, the Danville Police Department requests that students, staff, residents, and visitors refrain from attempting to enter the Del Amigo campus or communicate with the officers involved in the training. The training will not affect any local roadways. However, parking on Del Amigo will be off limits the night prior and during the event as they will need parking for ambulances, fire trucks, police vehicles and volunteer vehicles. Signs will be posted as a reminder the day prior to the event.

Active threat training allows the Danville Police Department to update and refine the skills needed to provide the community with the highest level of service possible. It is an important event that unites the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, Fire/EMS, and Police so that during a real-life active threat incident, we are able to work efficiently and effectively with each other to save as many lives as possible.


We recognize that we have many, many activities on our campus during this time, however, I have been assured outside of the extra police presence and noise, this will not impact our activities on this day.

Questions regarding the active threat exercise can be directed to Danville Police Officer Vradenburg at 925-856-7014 or



Jason Krolikowski, Principal