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Please CLICK HERE to access the permission slip for Junior Off Campus Lunch (week of 4/30-5/4 ONLY).


Dear Parents and Guardians,

In February of this year, I sent a letter informing you about the CAASPP administration at SRVHS, 2018 SRVHS CAASPP Letter to Parents/Guardians. We encouraged you to support your student by participating in the test and giving their best effort. We also changed our time structure to support our students’ best efforts as well as offered incentives, such as off campus lunch available to 11th grade students for a week.

We challenged our 11th grade students to have a 95% participate rate. As usual, we far surpassed this expectation, with 98%, and above, in all four tests. Therefore, we are allowing all 11th grade students at SRVHS to have off campus lunch privileges for one week, beginning April 30 through May 4, 2018.

Allowing your student off campus is entirely decided by the parent/guardian. If you do allow your student off campus, they must have this form: Off Campus Permission Form for 11th Grade 4/30-5/4/18. THE FORM IS THE OFF CAMPUS PASS. STUDENTS MUST SHOW THIS PASS TO CAMPUS MONITORS TO LEAVE CAMPUS. IF LOST OR DAMAGED, IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO REPRINT/REPLACE. Students must print, complete, and present to school officials to leave campus during lunch. It is imperative you read and review the information on the form with your student.

Please recognize that this is a privilege and can be revoked if not treated as such. 12th grade students already have off campus lunch privileges, and by possibly adding an additional 500 students, the lines at local restaurants will be lengthy. However, we have notified our local businesses and they are as prepared as possible to accommodate the additional students.

Please contact the assistant Principal connected to your last name, alphabetical, if you have any questions or concerns.


Jason Krolikowski