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Hello Wolves!
My name is Sami Libby and I have been teaching at San Ramon High for over 4 years now.  Working with students in the San Ramon Valley Area is a dream come true for me.  I grew up in this area and attended that school just east of here back in the Awesome 80's!.... I believe that school's mascot is some sort of horse?
I am passionate about athletics, fitness, and teaching students what it means to be a "Good Sport".  All of my classes focus on 5 Essential Learning Areas:
  1. Cardio
  2. Skills
  3. Strategy
  4. Communication
  5. Sportsmanship
No matter what the unit or class title, students can expect me be positive, prepared, and flexible.  I work with all ability levels and my hope for students is that they leave my class feeling stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally than they did upon entrance.  I want students to find that leader within themselves and rise to meet my high expectations.  San Ramon High is an inclusive school, known as the HOME of Champions.  I am here to support that title.  We are all Champions.  We are all Wolves.  GO WOLVES!