San Ramon Valley High School

Seniors Class of 2018

We hope you have time to relax and enjoy outside endeavors over the summer.  You can also choose to work on college application pieces so that when school resumes you will be better prepared to begin the college admission process.  We have gathered some pieces that we think may help you as you navigate your way through the information. Please open the class of 2018 Summer Ideas document below to see what you might begin working on. The rest of the documents are supporting this overview piece. 
College Application Worksheet: The attached google link may help you stay organized with college admissions and your applications. 
Counselor Recommendation Letters:  Go to the document library in Naviance for information on items needed senior year to begin the process of completing college applications that require counselor letters. Turn these in to your counselor at least 3 weeks before you need your recommendation letter. Go to the Document Library where you can begin to complete parent/self evaluations over the summer. Start to move schools off your "Colleges I'm Considering" tab to "Colleges I'm Applying To" tab. This is primarily how you will track transcipt, teacher, and counselor requests.
Student Portal Accounts: Check your emails often! After submitting your application, you will likely receive an email linking you to each college's specific portal. Your college portal will keep you updated on items received, missing, needed. This is also where many colleges will notify you of admission and next steps.
Colleges You Are Applying To:  Add the schools to the Colleges I'm Applying to List in Naviance.  This feature will become available to seniors mid summer! You will be able to see application deadlines, transcript request features and other features that you don't see as a junior. 
Teacher Recommendations: Ask your teacher, in person, if they will write you a letter of recommendation. If they agree, in the fall you will 'officially' request a teacher letter of recommendation to your teacher through Naviance.
COLLEGE APPLICATIONS - Different schools use different application systems: For non UC/CSU schools, you will either complete their own individual university application, a common application or a coalition application. 
When filling out an application, it is helpful to have a copy of your transcript with you as well as your activities resume. You will likely be asked to 'self report' grades as well as list (or upload) extracurricular activities, awards, employment, etc. 
UC Application :  Opens to view/begin Aug. 1, 2017.  Application submitted, Nov. 1-30
CSU Application Opens Oct. 1, 2017. Submission deadline Nov. 30. 
  • CSU is launching a new website 6/1/17 with additional modifications being made over the summer. A tutorial will be posted early fall. 
Common Application (over 700 schools): Opens August 1, 2017. 
  • You may begin your application online anytime after August 1st. The application also requires school counselor input. Download a counselor packet from your Naviance portal "Document Library" on your welcome page.  Complete this packet and make an appointment with your counselor to turn it in. Counselors will need at least 3 weeks notice to write a letter of recommendation.
  • If you need any teacher recommendation letters they will be able to upload them to Naviance after you invite them via your Naviance portal. Remember to verbally ask them first. This feature normally becomes available in early fall. Stay tuned. 
Institutional Applications (some schools may provide you with an option to submit THEIR own college/university application):
  • See specific college website for the application info and submission details.  There may be essays and personal statements required.
Coalition Application (a newer platform): 
  • Approximately 90+ schools are utilizing this new platform. Most schools will also offer one of the platforms offered above. If a school offers more than one platform, it is up to the student to decide which platform they prefer. There is no preferential treatment based on which application platform you choose. 
College Essays: UC Insight Questions and Common Application Essay prompts are attached below. Also go to the UC guide for information on tips for completing the Insight Questions. You may also go to for resources, tips, tools, and webinars for essay assistance.  We are happy to assist you in C&CC with this as well!
ACT/SAT Scores: You need to go directly into your ACT and/or CollegeBoard (SAT) account and have your scores sent to your schools of choice. Scores are not automatically sent. Be sure to send your scores!
REMINDER - Keep your Naviance account updated. This database is used throughout the college application process. 
  • On the homepage of Naviance, right side, go to the document library to see a list of items your guidance counselor needs to complete a counselor recommendation letter. This can be done over the summer. 
  • Update the list of colleges you are applying to on your Naviance portal.  Enter this list on your Naviance portal (Colleges I am Applying To).  Make a list of deadlines, and necessary application details for your own use to help you track your applications. If you can't remember your login data - the username was your home email address and we suggested you use your easiest-to-remember password. If that doesn't work, try the automatic reset. If that doesn't work, email Mrs. Wise for assistance.
  • Sign up on your Naviance portal for college visits at SRVHS.  Remember you need to get your teachers signature to attend if a visit is taking place during a class period. RSVP on Naviance and then have your teacher sign the rsvp page. Bring this with you to the visit. 
  • Explore out of state options.  Many of these colleges accept spring applications. Two websites to explore for potential discounted out of state costs include:  WUE - Western Undergraduate Exchange and RACC - Regional Admissions Counselors California.  and
  • Keep up your grades!  SENIOR YEAR GRADES MATTER TO COLLEGES!  College acceptances are conditional.