San Ramon Valley High School

Juniors Class of 2019

Go to the College Planning and Presentation Tab for a variety of College Resources and Get to know Naviance this year.  You can search colleges, view videos, see a list of all colleges coming to visit SRVHS, take assessments to help define interests, and build your college list. 
Plan to take the SAT or ACT in the fall or spring this year.   Be sure to prepare for the test. Many self prep books are available.  Be sure to ask about the Academic Booster's Test Prep Opportunities programs. Here is their link. They offer Mock ACT and SAT tests throughout the year as well as bootcamp test opportunities:  Come in to the College and Career Center if you have questions about the ACT or SAT. We have a lot of information available. 
Don't miss out on these great practice opportunities. They are created to be low stress/anxiety and low cost with maximum benefit to our students. 
To register for an official ACT or SAT go to the website below. Register early for the best selection of test "site" options. 
Spend time this year visiting college campuses. Local schools work just fine to give you an idea of what large, medium, and small campuses feel like. Take a tour of a private college so you can compare it to the public college atmosphere and environment. 
Go online to check out each campus' academic requirements on their admissions websites and make sure you take a look at any majors you might be interested in. 
Attend a campus admissions session and the campus walking tour. These are great ways to hear what the school is focusing on teaching and you get a chance to visit the important buildings - rec. center, dorms, commons, and unique campus features.
Sign up on Naviance when a college rep is visiting SRVHS. Naviance is where you sign up for college visits, track your college applications, request  transcripts and more.  RSVP on Naviance and have your teacher sign your slip for attendance tracking. Bring the signed slip with you to the visit. This is a great time to hear directly from a college admission officer, ask questions and pick up materials.  
Build your "Colleges I'm Thinking About List" in Naviance. If you list a college, you will receive an automatic email when that college schedules a visit at SRVHS.  This list should grow over your junior year and should contain a lot of possible options.  You will refine this list when you head into Senior Year. 
Find something interesting to do with your spare time.  Join a club, participate in a sport or music group, get a job!   Explore a passion you have!
PARENT NIGHT FOR JUNIORS (2/24/16) - Power Point presentation available below. Note that there are a few changes beginning 8/2016 (e.g., FAFSA to open Oct 2016 and there is a new coalition application avail).