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Cool Colleges to Explore! (updated 10/24/17)

We get all kinds of colleges reaching out to us and looking for YOU! by sending materials and/or visiting our campus each year. That means they are actively LOOKING FOR students from our high school!  They seek us out because they have heard what awesome students we have, and also because you have previously expressed interest in their college. We love to learn about new colleges and are glad when they find us!  Please reach out to us or to them! 
Some college highlights.....
From 2018-19...
Stop by the College and Career Center to peruse the book of college visit surveys if you miss a college visit.  We will be completing a sheet with the basics of the visit as often as possible, and collecting brochures for our files.  New this year:  these brochures may be viewed in the center or checked out overnight.  They are not to be taken from the center without permission.   
If you KNOW you are going to miss a visit and would like for us to gather some information from a visiting representative for you, please let us know.  We are happy to save it for you to pick up during a break!  
From 2017-18...
University of Missouri (Mizzou) - This campus serves 23,817 undergraduate students on a beautiful, tree filled campus (similar in feel to UC Davis) in Columbia, Missouri. Columbia is ranked a top 10 college town with a vibrant downtown scene with 180 shops and restaurants. The average ACT is 26 and SAT is 1231 with California being the 5th feeder state. The required ACT/SAT scores are on a sliding scale relative to your core curriculum GPA (e.g., if you have a 3.2 gpa on your HS core curriculum, you need an ACT/SAT of 20/1020-1050).  Currently, out of state residents cost of attendance is at $37,404, however, there are a variety of scholarships available to bring those costs down AND it is an easy process to establish Missouri residency after your first year bringing costs to $21,816. 
  • Mizzou has one of the top ranked Journalism programs in the U.S. Students have daily broadcasting opportunities with NBC offices on campus and are often scooped up by major networks across the country.  Engineering, pre-health, and business follow as top degree programs. 
  • For engineering, all students may enter as either a 'pre-engineering student (until you complete Calc 2), as an undeclared engineering student or a direct concentration engineering student.
  • For pre-health/nursing, medical majors, Mizzou houses 5 medical centers to include trauma, cancer, women's health, and pediatrics all on campus for students to participate in rotations during their 4 years.  
Loyola University Chicago:   This Jesuit college serves 16,422 students on the shore of Lake Michigan.  US News has ranked it a "top 100 university".  Middle 50% ACT is 24-29, SAT R is 520-630; SAT M is 520-630.  They offer several dual degree programs where students earn a BS or BA plus an MA or MS in 5 years.    UG research program in diverse fields.  Check out their Major Quiz and see what they suggest you major in based on your 35 response.  http://  
"Colleges that Change Lives" a college admissions book written by Loren Pope with the hope of educating students on 40 unique colleges that are not in everyone's vocabulary and truly have the ability to "change lives".  We have had several of the schools from this book reach out to us this year and they are all smaller liberal arts institutions in different parts of the country (including our backyard:  St. Mary's College in Moraga).  Rhodes College in Memphis visiting on 10/24 and shared about their very hands on health sciences programs with excellent pre-med prep.  Others who visited included Denison College (OH) and Willamette U (OR).  At the district college fair on 10/25 at MVHS, you will find the  U of Puget Sound (WA) and Southwestern U (TX).  Check them out and learn about their focus on undergraduate education, student engagement and employment stats post grad through strong alumni connections.  Grab the book and learn about the other 30+ colleges all over the country.
Consider moving to Oregon to go to school!  They certainly want to learn about our students and are interested to have Californians in their diverse populations, so typically are generous with scholarships!  We have had reps from Linfield College (small liberal arts college in McMinnville), U of Oregon, Oregon State, Pacific Union, Western Oregon (Monmouth), known for great teaching programs including a strong ASL program, U of Portland and Portland State both located in/near downtown.  Plan to buy your raincoat there and experience a new climate!