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Welcome to the Schedules tab for the San Ramon Valley High School Women's Lacrosse Team!  
03-02-2018 05:30PM Dougherty Valley W 13-2 Junior Varsity SRVHS
  07:00PM Dougherty Valley                  W 11-4 Varsity SRVHS
03-08-2018 05:00PM Piedmont W 16-3 Junior Varsity  Piedmont
  06:30PM Piedmont                              W 9-6 Varsity  Piedmont
03-09-2018 05:30PM
California/San Ramon
W 16-8           
Junior Varsity California/San Ramon
  07:00PM California/San Ramon          L 7-11 Varsity California/San Ramon
03-13-2018 05:30PM College Park W 16-1 Junior Varsity SRVHS 
  07:00PM College Park                        W 21-6 Varsity SRVHS 
03-16-2018 05:30PM Carondelet W 10-5 Junior Varsity Carondelet
  07:00PM Carondelet   W 12-5 Varsity Carondelet
03-23-2018 05:30PM Amador Valley W 12-7 Junior Varsity SRVHS
  07:00PM Amador Valley                     W 11-8 Varsity SRVHS
03-27-2018 05:30PM Marin Catholic Varsity SRVHS
03-28-2018 05:30PM Campolindo   W 17-1 Junior Varsity SRVHS
  07:00PM Campolindo Varsity SRVHS
03-30-2018 05:30PM Dublin W 13-3 Junior Varsity SRVHS
  07:00PM Dublin Varsity SRVHS
04-10-2018 05:30PM Miramonte  W 21-4 Junior Varsity SRVHS
  07:00PM Miramonte Varsity SRVHS
04-12-2018 05:30PM St.Francis  cancelled Junior Varsity SRVHS 
  07:00PM St. Francis Varsity SRVHS 
04-13-2018 05:30PM Granada  W 16-1 Junior Varsity Granada
  07:00PM Granada Varsity Granada
04-14-2018 09:00AM Oakridge  Junior Varsity SRVHS 
  11:00AM Oakridge Varsity SRVHS 
04-17-2018 05:00PM Bishop O'Dowd Varsity  SRVHS
04-20-2018 05:30PM Foothill/Pleasanton W 17-4 Junior Varsity SRVHS
  07:00PM Foothill/Pleasanton Varsity SRVHS
04-24-2018 05:30PM St. Ignatius W 18-11 Junior Varsity SRVHS 
  07:00PM St. Ingatius Varsity SRVHS 
04-27-2018 05:30PM Livermore  W 20-0 Junior Varsity Livermore
  07:00PM Livermore Varsity Livermore
04-28-2018 01:00PM Novato Varsity SRVHS 
  11:00AM Novato  W 18-5 Junior Varsity SRVHS 
05-04-2018 05:30PM Monte Vista  W 13-5 Junior Varsity SRVHS
  07:00PM Monte Vista Varsity SRVHS