Renaissance Program

What is the program?

The SRVHS Renaissance program is apart of a devoted leadership program with an objective to help motivate individual attendance, academic excellence, and citizenship. Renaissance not only reaches out to the entire campus, but it also strives to recognize all individual students. The Renaissance program is based on the principles of performance, promotion, and partnership. The four target areas of the Renaissance program:

Why is it important?

Who is rewarded?

Academic Excellence:

Student of the Month Program

Teachers nominate students for any of the following: excellent attitude towards learning, intellectual vitality, outstanding classroom behavior, contribution to or supportive of other students’ academic success. Eight students a month are rewarded and recognized.

Staff Appreciation

We recognize staff on a regular basis at staff meetings and luncheons for personal achievement and for the contribution of their personal time. Additionally, Renaissance honors the teachers who regularly go the extra mile; who make learning in their classrooms unforgettable for their students. We are always looking for ways to reward our teachers for a job well done.

How are students rewarded?

Quarter Awards

Each quarter we reward students who have accomplished the Renaissance categories. Every quarter about 600-1,000 students from the previous categories win Renaissance. The awards included items such as: a free BBQ, school supplies, spirit items, discount cards, t-shirts, cups coffee mugs, key chains, and free meals. Every year over 1,100 students win Renaissance at least one quarter

Academic Rally

This high-energy, choreo-graphed event is an annual celebration of academic excellence and achievement to honor our students and staff members. All business sponsors are welcome to be a part of the celebration. In the Academic Assembly we include awards such as:

New Award Ideas

Top 100 Test performers and improvers or individual test awards for:

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