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Eligibility & Tryout Policies

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to participate in interscholastic competition, a student at San Ramon Valley must meet all of the follow criteria.
  1. Have a GPA of 2.00 or higher in the proceeding academic quarter
  2. Have passed a minimum of 20 units in the proceeding quarter
  3. Annually complete a physical exam from a medical doctor
  4. Seasonally obtain an athletic clearance slip from our school finance officer
  5. All transfer students are initially ineligible and must meet with our school's athletic director.
A student who does not meet #1 of the first criteria may request an athletic waiver application. Please see the Athletic Director for this application.  Specific circumstances are necessary to grant a waiver.

Important Notice for Current Eighth Grade Students and their Parents:

Students, who wish to participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports, leadership, cheerleading, etc., during the freshman year of high school, must maintain a 2.0 GPA during the second semester of their eighth grade school year. By policy, students who do not maintain a 2.0 GPA by June of their eighth grade year may be excluded from the extracurricular programs in the fall, even if they qualified for participation at the time of any spring signups or tryouts that may have been held. It is the responsibility of the parent and student to monitor academic progress since academic ineligibility may result in the loss of all deposits or fees paid.

Tryout Policy

  1. Any student who intents to tryout for a team must sign up for the team and attend an informational meeting with the coach.
  2. Any student who intents to tryout for a team will be allowed at least three try-out dates. The includes any athlete who will begin try-outs late due to an overlapping commitment. Only in rare cases will a student be allowed to make up a missed try-out date.
  3. Any student not selected for a team may request an explanation from the coaching staff of that sport.
  4. Any student must complete all tryout requirements.
Prior to tryouts each athlete and parents must read and submit the appropriate forms to the counseling office during the collection period. Go to  - athletic drop down menu and hit athletic clearance forms and procedures. Note: Online registration is required to tryout for any sport team.