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Transfer Students

North Coast Section Eligibility Transfer Policy Statement
Transferring from one to school to another may affect your athletic eligibility under *North Coast Section or CIF rules Transfer students are required to meet with the Athletic Director upon enrollment at the new school. Students who transfer as a result of disciplinary action are subject to the conditions of NCS By Law 210 and may be ineligible for one calendar year from enrollment in the new school. All eligibility transfer information must be true, correct, accurate, complete and/or not false or fraudulent.  Note: no transfer student will be allowed to participate in scrimmages or contests until approved by the *N.C.S. 

It is the student's responsibility to set up a meeting with the Athletic Director.  

North Coast Section Transfer information can be found at:  We encourage parents of transfer students to review the NCS eligibility transfer information on the NCS web site- click on "Eligibility Bylaw Forms" then click on "Parent Handbook I- Transfer Eligibility. 


SRV Athletic Director: Greg Ochs