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Carpool Parking Homepage

SRVHS Senior Carpool Parking Information: 2016-17

Permit Requirements

Student Carpool Parking Permits for on-campus student parking will only be issued to SENIORS who carpool based on the following criteria:


Carpool Priority levels:

1. Three Senior drivers, all with driver's licenses (the driver must have a non-provisional license)
2. Two Senior drivers (the driver must have a non-provisional license)
3. One Senior driver and one other licensed driver (the driver must have a non-provisional license)
4. One Senior driver and one additional passenger (the driver must have a non-provisional license)
NOTE: The best chance to receive a parking permit is to be in levels 1 or 2. Seniors who apply and are in levels 3 and 4 will be awarded permits on a first-come, first-served basis.

All drivers in a carpool must have a non-provisional driver’s license. A parking sticker will only be given to students once they have a non-provisional permit; please see the FAQs below.



Week of June 6-9:

An email will be sent to all class of 2017 students and parents regarding carpool parking process. This will include the information posted here on the website under the “Students” menu. The following week another reminder email will be sent.

Monday, July 18:

A reminder email will be sent to all class of 2017 students and parents for the online carpool applications that will be available via a link sent 7/20 to students.

Wednesday, July 20:

Class of 2017 students will receive an email with a Google Survey link to begin submitting carpool applications* information through July 28, which is the deadline. 

Friday, July 29:

Applications* will be processed and those who qualify will be notified via email. The email will also include payment information.

Monday August 1st, 8:00am

Online payment window will open for those who received an email verifying their application. The carpool permit fee is $200 per parking spot.

August 4th and 10th –Registration:

All Seniors who paid online must print and bring a receipt to Registration days and show a valid driver license. Parking decals will be provided to those students who have a non-provisional license as of August 15, the first day of school. If there are any remaining parking spaces when school begins August 15th, they will be assigned via lottery after that date.


*If any student is registered in more than one carpool, both carpools will lose their spot.


Carpool Permit pick up @ Fall Registration

During SRVHS Registration days, or the first day of school, all members of the carpool must sign a carpool agreement (See agreement posted on the right side of this page), and they must provide student and vehicle information including a valid driver’s license. If any members of your carpool cannot commit, or do not have a license by the first day of school, your parking registration will be invalidated.


Students who are issued a carpool permit (and are in good standing) will also be eligible for random drawings for prizes like spirit wear, gift cards, free yearbook, admission to school events etc.


Permit Cost

$200 Per Year *Students in carpool are encouraged to share cost of permit.


Violations to Carpool Policy

Each vehicle in the carpool must have 2016-17 permit sticker visible on car.

All vehicles must be parked in assigned student stalls. Parking in staff spaces, fire lanes, on sidewalks, in driveways or dirt areas will result in a citation.

All campus parking lots will be randomly monitored throughout the school year. If a car is found not to have the appropriate number of carpoolers, the following consequences may be enforced:


First offense: Warning, parents will be contacted.

Second offense: After school detention for the driver, parents contacted.

Third offense: Suspension of permit for semester for violating student and/or entire carpool.


Drivers violating any school, district, or county law will be cited accordingly. Vehicles may not display any offensive symbols, signs or words.

  1. First offense: Removal of item(s) from vehicle….parent will be contacted.
  2. Second offense: Removal of item(s) from vehicle, suspension of permit for semester.


Students must obey all parking/driving rules and school officials. Drivers are not to drive off-campus at any time during school hours without a valid sign-out pass. Unsafe driving includes (but is not limited to) speeding, laying rubber, cutting off other drivers, driving in the wrong lane or in the opposite direction of traffic.

  1. First offense: Suspension of permit for two weeks and after school detention.
  2. Second offense: Suspension of permit for remainder of the semester and may have further consequences.

Parking permits are the property of the school and are issued to the student for the privilege of parking on the school campus. Permits that are 

transferred, copied, sold, or otherwise given to other students to use, the permit will be forfeited. Consequences may include detention, suspension, 

and/or conference with parents.  


Permit replacement will cost $25 per semester. It may take several weeks to investigate the location of a missing permit. 

During this time, the student will not be allowed to park on campus. All vehicles are subject to search while parked on public school property.


San Ramon Valley High School is not responsible for theft, loss, or damaged property for cars parked on campus. Please do not use your vehicle as a locker. Ticketing of all school lots will begin the first day of school.



1.) Can a junior obtain a parking permits?

No. We unfortunately don’t have enough parking spaces for juniors to get parking permits. A junior can ride with a senior driver, but juniors cannot 

be drivers for carpooling.


2.) What are the consequences for not carpooling?

All campus parking lots will be randomly monitored throughout the school year. If a car is found not to have the appropriate number of carpoolers, the following consequences may be enforced.

First offense: Warning, parents contacted. 

Second offense: Detention for the driver, parents contacted. 

Third offense: Suspension of permit for a month for the violating carpool, parents contacted. 

Fourth offense: Suspension of permit for semester for the violating carpool, parents contacted.


3.) What about a provisional driver’s license?

One person in your carpool MUST have a non-provisional driver’s license by the first day of school. After that, a parking permit sticker will only be issued to students with non-provisional licenses. For example, Bob, Jane, and Sue are carpooling together. Bob has a driver’s license, Jane is provisional ending 

in October, and Sue is provisional ending in January. Bob will get a permit sticker allowing him to park on campus immediately. Jane will receive one in October, so she can start helping to drive, and Sue will get a sticker in January.

The school is not responsible for students violating CA driving laws.


4.) What if I can only carpool a few days per week?

You must be able to commit to carpooling to campus on a daily basis. If you feel that you cannot do this, then you will need to work out other parking arrangements.


5.) How do I find a carpool? I don’t know anybody who lives near me!

Ask everybody! Use your resources and make some connections. Remember that you can pick people up along the way, so if you live further away, 

it can be an advantage to finding carpool partners.


6.) What if somebody is sick or absent?

Remember that enforcement is by random checks. If you are observed to be parking without a passenger a warning will be issued until the absence 

can be verified.


7.) What about after school activities/leaving early from school?

Enforcement of carpooling is only in the morning. There may be days/seasons where students will have to arrange for other transportation options in the afternoon.


8.) Will there be any special accommodations/exclusions for my child/me because I ...

No. The policy remains the same for all students and families.


9.) What do I do if I can't carpool?

There is parking in front of the school on Danville Blvd. as well as by Del Amigo, and in a few neighboring streets. In addition, St. Isidore’s rents spots to students as do a few local businesses.