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Graduation Requirements

In order to take full advantage of the rich curriculum at SRVHS and to prepare yourself for a successful and rewarding college experience, you should aim much higher than the SRVHS minimum graduation requirements. Admission officers at colleges and universities expect students to complete successfully a challenging set of courses. If you can do successful work in advanced courses, you should be taking them.
As important as it is to take challenging courses, it’s equally important that courses be chosen in which your chances of success are good—while still allowing you time to be involved in an extracurricular area or two. Don’t get in over your head. Earning D’s or F’s is never impressive in any course. Please seek advice from your teachers and counselor as you decide your high school course of study. We’re all on the same team; we want you to be placed in courses where you will learn and be successful.
To graduate from SRVHS, a student must earn the following minimum credits. These requirements are meant to serve as a minimum standard rather than the standard which students should strive to achieve. You are advised to take the most challenging academic program in which you can be successful while still having time to contribute to an extracurricular area or two of your choosing.
Subject Area Credits
English   40
Mathematics   20
Science   20
Social Studies   35
Visual & Performing Art / World Language / Vocational & Applied Art*   20
Physical Education   20
Health     5
Additional Credit   80
Minimum SRVHS Requirement                                         
* 1 year of two areas required