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Academic Letter Awards


 Parent volunteer: Adriana Chong  

About the Academic Letter

The Academic Letter is funded and awarded by the Academic Booster group. This is a recognition program for students who work hard and give their best effort in academics.  

Levels 1 through 6

Names and levels earned through the end of last semester have been posted in the courtyard outside of Counseling office. Students, please check the lists and email Mrs. Chong if you believe a mistake has been made.

Level 7

Level 7 - for graduating class of 2019 will be published at the bottom of this page. 

*Students can opt out of having their name published on any lists. Please email 

Freshman thru Juniors only: awards that were not picked up by May 18, 2018 can be picked up in May 2019 (date to be announced) with the next round of awards. 

Seniors only - your awards will be distributed to you by Leadership.

 Academic Letter Qualifications

     The award is automatic, no application is required

    All students who have a minimum 3.5 weighted* GPA for the prior high school semester

    Only full-time students

    Transcript required if student has transferred from another high school

Award levels:              Level 1            Honorary mention  

                                      Level 2.            Honorary mention 

                                      Level 3            Torch and Chenille block* letter (provided only upon request* (email

                                      Level 4             Honorary mention

                                      Level 5             Second torch

                                      Level 6             Pin

                                      Level 7             Honor Cord

      *     If you previously received a block letter from another department, a block letter will not be provided from the Academic Boosters. The chenille block letter is usually sewn onto the left chest of a letterman or sports jacket. For any discrepancies to the list(s), students, please email Mrs. Chong. Please allow 48 hours for a response.

      Q & A

Q:   What is a weighted GPA?

A:   A weighted GPA includes all classes except physical education, teacher aide, repeated classes for an improved grade, courses taken outside of SRVH (with certain exceptions) and continuation school.  A student must not have been dropped from a class because of disciplinary action or attendance reasons during the semester of application. 

Q:   Can I opt out? 

A:   Yes, please send us an email and your name will be promptly removed from any list.

Q:    If I opt out of having my name published, am I still entitled to the award if I have a qualifying GPA?

A:    Yes!  

 Q:   Are freshman eligible?

A.   Freshman are eligible after they receive their first semester grades in high school.

Q.   I am a transfer student. Do I qualify?

A.   Yes, if you have a qualifying GPA. Please email Mrs. Chong to find out where to send your transcript.

 Q:   When do I apply?

A:   The program is not application-based.  

Q.    Do I need to request my award?

A:     No, it will be provided to you automatically.  The only item to be requested is the chenille block letter (we noticed that some students do not want the block letter if they do not intend to sew it onto a jacket, that is why it is by request only)

Q:    When and how are the awards distributed?

A:    The awards are handed out only once a year, in mid May; therefore, it may encompass more than one level. Seniors who earn Level 7 will receive an honor cord that they can choose to wear at graduation. Information about the distribution of awards will be announced in the informational emails with the subject:"What's Up @ SRV?!?" 

 Q:   How many levels can I obtain during my high school years?

A:   There are a maximum of seven levels awarded during the four years in school - one level for each semester.

 Q:   Will the Academic Letter award help me get into college?

A:    No.  Its purpose is to recognize and reward your hard work while in high school. 

Q:   Whom can I contact if I have any concerns?

A:    Adriana Chong at , or the Academic Booster President.

Q:    How can my parents get involved?

A:    This program is run and funded by the Academic Boosters. We rely solely on parents to volunteer their time to distribute the awards. Without parent volunteers, the awards cannot be distributed. Awards are distributed only during student's lunch hours over the course of a few days and the distribution is repeatedly publicized over a week or two.  The exception is for the seniors, for whom the awards are distributed by Leadership students.

For answers to any other questions, please contact the Academic Letter Program administrator, Adriana Chong by email:, or the Academic Booster President.