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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear students and parents,


Welcome to the 2 school year at San Ramon.


I believe that this will be another year of rapid change in San Ramon's rich history and I am very excited about the initiatives that will be continuing to unfold throughout this year.


The transition to Common Core continues to drive our academic plan alongside the data that we have been collecting from our student surveys for the last two years around school and classroom culture.  We are continuing to look closely at issues of stress, homework, workload, staff-student relationships, and student sleep as highlighted in the survey. 


We are continuing our work with Stanford University on their Challenge Success program this year, and using the student survey data we collected (from 1800 students) to drive decisions around assembly topics held during Homeroom. We have implemented a new bell schedule that includes two Access periods each week to allow students time during the school day to access support from their teachers, and one Homeroom period that is regularly used to promote a stronger, safer, school climate.


In 2 we are also 1:1 across the entire campus. This gives every student and every teacher unrestricted access to online tools, resources, learning software, research tools, databases and digital textbooks that has enhanced and expanded learning opportunities for everyone.


The are four main goals in place for this year, and these are consistent with the vision being defined by Superintendent Rick Schmitt across the San Ramon Valley:


  1. CCSS (Common Core State Standards): Teachers are creating relevant and rigorous units of study across all curriculum areas that incorporate the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills defined by the CCSS. This work also integrates critical thinking and 21st Century learning skills into all content areas. Approaching curriculum, instruction and assessment in equal measure ensures that we are clear on what students should be learning, how we are making sure they learn it, and then assessing whether they have learnt it.
  1. RTI (Response to Intervention): We are supporting all students in their learning by ensuring that we have a robust system of interventions in place. These include simple interventions that every classroom teacher to implement informally to rigorous Special Education support systems.
  1. CLR (Culturally and Linguistically Responsive teaching and learning): This goal centers around providing a positive and engaging learning environment for all students which means that we must focus on student:teacher relationships within all disciplines and promote strategies that make all students feel valued, respected and engaged in their learning. Positive relationships underpin successful learning for almost all students and this is a vital component of our work, every day, with all students.
  1. Technology (BYOD - Bring Your Own Device): Our vision of SRVHS moving towards full technological access in every learning space has been reached.  We continually work with our staff during professional development to ensure the technology is utilized effectively to support student learning.


At SRVHS we are incredibly fortunate to have students who come to school wanting to learn and be successful in all areas - academics, arts and athletics. Our entire school staff is committed to making sure that all students have the highest quality of  learning experiences during their time at SRVHS, regardless of their aptitudes and interests. Finally, our programs are universally supported in all areas by parents and community members who provide an incredible amount of time, money and expertise in every area.


It is my privilege to serve as leader of this outstanding center of learning, and I hope that everyone has a wonderful year with us at SRVHS.


Go Wolves!
Ruth Steele