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For the 2 school year:


Lockers are located in the D Building and they will be assigned to Students based on their priority.  Please only request a locker if you plan to use it throughout the school year. Supply is limited and we want only the students that will use a locker to request one.


Priority 1: Requests taken from students at both Wolf Pack Days (8/3 and 8/9):  and students sharing a locker (2 students per locker).


  • Medical issue – Students with a medical issue resulting in the need for an academic locker bring a doctor’s note and signed locker agreement.
  • Students sharing a locker – 2 students per locker.  Both students come together to Registration with 1 signed locker agreement for both of them.


Priority 2: Requests taken starting the first week of school


  • Any students willing to share a locker who missed Registration
  • Students who do not want to share a locker


Fill out the Locker Agreement (link below) and drop it in the collection box in the Counseling Office.  48 hours later you can return for your locker assignment.