San Ramon Valley High School

Class of 2020

Class of 2020


Freshman Class Officers


Kenny Yu~ Class President

Rachel Maldonado ~ Class Vice President

Sarah McElroy~ Class Secretary

Paige Gerhart ~ Class Treasurer




A message from the Freshman Class Officers:  Happy November and thank you so much for ALL of your HELP & DONATIONS for our amazing 2020 homecoming float.  We really appreciate all the support and help you gave us.  The float build was always stocked with snacks and parents were always there to watch and help.  The donations greatly helped and allowed us to buy the wood, paint, and tools we needed to make our float great.  The freshman class has entered into SRVHS with excitement knowing that the upcoming years will be just as great.  Thank you for putting the class of 2020 on a road to success for many homecomings ahead!   


We also want to thank REUBEN BORG FENCE for providing the flat bed truck and for driving our float!  Lastly, a shout-out to the Glantz Family, Duggan-Cochran Family, DeCredico Family, Kirsten Madsen, Marta GillenGarnet Groth and the parents on our Go-To list for graciously giving their time and energy! 💚💛




We plan on scheduling another parent social after the holidays in either January or February.  We are looking for location ideas or a volunteer to host, please email us if you can help.  





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Thank you for your support……GO WOLVES!


Kathy Krull

Jenny Burke

Emily Wetmore



Class of 2020 Parent Representatives