San Ramon Valley High School

Attendance Counts. One More Day.

The SRVUSD is building awareness with our families about the importance of regular attendance at school. Students who attend school regularly have higher academic outcomes than those who are absent - even if it is only for a few days. In addition to impacting student success, absences affect the District's budget. If every student in the SRVUSD attended school just one more day this year than they did last year, the District would realize an additional $2.2 million.

In an effort to increase attendance district-wide, we have launched the "Attendance Counts. One More Day" campaign. We are asking every student to think about attending school just one more day this year than they did last year. Student attendance from last year can be found by accessing last year's report cards in the Campus Portal.


Definitely keep sick students at home. However, other than for reasons of illness, we strive to see every student in school every day. Students in the SRVUSD tend to miss school for reasons other than illness, such as family events, vacations, college visits, sport commitments, etc. We strongly encourage you to schedule these optional excursions on non-school days.


There are two ways schools and districts look at attendance. Attendance Rates tell us how many of our students attend school each day. Chronic Absenteeism rates tell us how many cumulative absences a student accrues over the course of a school year. Both are important to consider and both are indicators of student success.


If you are interested in seeing your student's attendance for the 2018-2019 academic year, it is accessible through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal andSchool Loop.


In these times of declining enrollment, the additional revenue that increased attendance will generate can have a positive impact on the programs that we can offer. Improving attendance is a unique opportunity for the District to increase revenue while directly benefiting students at the same time.


Next time you are considering keeping your student out of school for a reason other than illness, please consider if attending school, even for a partial day, is possible instead. Thank you for your partnership in this effort.


Link to SRVHS Attendance Webpage