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21st Century Learning Foundation 2018 Senior Awards 


The 21st Century Learning Foundation is proud to offer two awards for the 2017-2018 school year. These awards are open to all senior students who are planning to go to a four-year college, community college or trade school in the fall of 2018.


The purpose of the awards is to recognize and reward San Ramon Valley High School students who demonstrate a clear understanding of 21st century learning skills.


Award: A laptop of choice, up to $1500 in value

Submission Deadline:  April 20, 2018 by 9pm


For more details on how to apply click on the link above. 


About Us 


 The 21st Century Learning Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the instructional technology needs of SRVHS as well as develop 21st Century Learning strategies in order to enhance the learning environment for all students and staff at SRVHS. We are a Parent Booster organization at SRVHS and an affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Fund. 

As we prepare our students to be 21st Century Learners, we have the ongoing responsibility of determining our vision and our priorities to support excellence in educational technology. The school district fulfills the infrastructure needs at SRVHS, such as servers and wiring. However, we as a site provide for all the technologies inside the walls of our classrooms.

Thus, SRVHS needs continued support for technology!

In what ways has the 21st Century Learning Foundation supported SRVHS instructional technology?

 The 21st Century Learning Foundation has:

  •            Funded 350 new computers and a new computer lab (2013)
  •            Purchased Chromebooks to be used starting with the 2015-16 school year
  •            Supported professional development opportunities for teachers
  •            Funded new classroom devices such as document cameras, tablets, laptops, LCD projectors.
  •            Assisted in purchasing educational software Licenses

Why should you donate to the 21st Century Learning Foundation?

Technology is rapidly evolving and becoming an increasingly important part of our world whether in education or the work place. We need your support to help provide our students with the 21st Century Learning opportunities that they need in order to be competitive when they leave high school and enter college and the work force. The classroom is where we can truly help our students to become tech savvy learners and problem solvers who have the skills they need to be successful and independent learners!

Thank you for your support!

Donations can also be mailed to:
21st Century Learning Foundation
PO Box 2
Danville 94526

Interested in joining our Team? We are a Booster Group made up of parents and SRVHS Administrators that meet 1x a month.  Meeting dates for this year are February 8, March 8, April 12 and May 9 at 1:00 the admin conference room. Please join us for a meeting and get involved!

Contact Nancy Brandt, President: