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About Geometry

1st Period
2nd Period GEOMETRY
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4th Period GEOMETRY
5th Period GEOMETRY
6th Period GEOMETRY
If you need to contact me please email me through School Loop or at I will respond as soon as possible. I also encourage students to come in with any questions for extra help.
Mr. Polugar-Laub's geometry class is taught using the Big Ideas Common Core math program. Students will need something to write with and something to write on, and a calculator of some sort is also recommended. A cell phone absolutely cannot be used as a calculator during class, although it may be used as one during homework time. The same goes for personal computers, iPads, school Chromebooks, and the like.
All homework will be assigned through the Big Ideas online textbook website. Grades will be pulled from there and published on SchoolLoop at the end of each week. At student discretion, all digital homework may be done from the textbook on paper and handed in the traditional way, if that is preferred.