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What is The Pledge To Humanity Club?
The PTH Club is a community service based club where high school kids can get involved and make a difference in the community we live. We have folks in need right in our back yard, like Martinez, where our club can reach out and help. We are committed to reach people of all ages in our local community to provide aid for their needs. Through working together with this common goal, our high school community will see that it is truly much better to give than to receive.
 We are so excited to share that Pledge to Humanity was featured in People Magazine's February 2017 Human Interest section, Heroes Among Us. As you all know, this is a wonderful accomplishment for Pledge to Humanity and a reflection of you and your dedication to our mission. What we accomplish, we accomplish together!! 

WANT TO JOIN FOR NEXT YEAR (2018/2019)? CLICK ON THE SIGN UP GENIUS LINK BELOW (please note there will be a limit to the # of teens we can take):

What types of volunteering do you do?
We’ve volunteered in soup kitchens, at Glide Memorial making sandwiches for the homeless, at senior citizen centers, at low income schools in the area and more. If there is a need, we try to find it. We are there to help those in need of all ages in our surrounding areas.   Kids can volunteer on their own or volunteer with our PTH events.  We do require that our members volunteer at least one time with our Club through a Sign Up Genius invitation. Kids that volunteer on their own should enter hours at the top right hand corner of this page under Enter Active/Passive points.
 What are the requirements to be in the club?
1) Mandatory Monthly Meeting Attendance:
All members are required to attend monthly meetings held at lunch time the 2nd Tues of every month in the Aux Gym.  if a student cannot attend the meeting, they should email to let the advisor know that they are sick or have a school conflict. Students that miss a meeting will be required to volunteer one additional hour during the school year. We will take attendance at every meeting.  Once per quarter we will drop kids from the roster that are not attending monthly meetings or not asking to be excused. Dues will NOT be refunded if you are dropped.
2) Volunteer Requirement (Active vs Passive Points):
* ACTIVE POINT REQUIREMENT: Beginning fall 2018 club members must volunteer a minimum of 12 hours (= 12 active points) during the summer before school starts + school year.  We feel this requirement is super achievable. These active points must be achieved through volunteering.  
* You may volunteer on your own as long as you are doing something to help others in need (refereeing and coaching doesn't count)
* At least one event that you participate in must be with our PTH club through a Sign Up Genius invitation.
* We will no longer count volunteer activities completed for other clubs such as NCL and Boys Charity
* BONUS PASSIVE POINTS: Club members can receive passive points that go towards total points earned at the end of the year: these can be earned by making holiday cards for seniors, by making blankets for foster kids/seniors on your own, or by donating to one of our drives ($10 donation = 1 passive point). 
3) PARENT DRIVING HELP: We ask require parents to drive to one event per year.  This is the only way we can accommodate all members attending events. If there is a situation where a parent cant drive all year, please email and we can waive this requirement for your family.
* Club dues are $35: please pay dues on sign up genius link at the top of this page. If dues present a hardship, they can be waived. Dues must be paid in order for you to receive Sign Up Genius invitations to PTH events.
Remember: You CAN volunteer on your own, for your church or for any event where you are helping folks in need.  You enter hours under "other" if you volunteer on your own.  We start counting hours the summer before the next school year starts so you can start now.
SERVICE AWARDS: twice per year we give service awards to the club members that have participated most with actual PTH sponsored events.  Only active point hours volunteered through the PTH club (via Sign Up Genius invitations) count towards these awards.
5) Join Remind: Click here to join Remind if you have not signed up to receive Remind reminders for monthly meetings..... : 
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 How do I make sure I get credit for volunteering?


We will track your volunteer participation if you volunteer with our PTH club by signing up with one of our sign up genius invitations.  If you volunteer outside the club you will need to enter your hours.  To enter your volunteer hours you simply go to the top right hand corner of this Pledge To Humanity club page (yellow box on right hand side) and click on the button where says "Enter Active/Passive Points".   You will not be able to see if the event was entered and there is no need to resubmit the event more than once.

Want to check to see if we have your PTH Hours entered correctly?  Please note that the below volunteer tracking sheet only includes PTH sponsored events for now.  At the end of each semester we will add in your volunteer hours that you submit on our website for activities outside PTH and your passive points.


VOLUNTEER TRACKER HERE (If we missed something, please email

 What events count for volunteer credit and which events do not count?

* What counts: anything helping people in need (includes senior citizens, disabled youth and adults, homeless, mission trips for a cause etc).

* What does not count: coaching or refereeing for a team (unless it is for disabled kids), picking up recycling at lunch, vacation bible school, volunteering at church, being an alter boy, volunteering for sports tryouts, hours earned for a different club such as National Charity League or Fair Chance For Special Needs. If you are counting your hours for another club, you can't double count these for PTH.  We feel our volunteer requirement is pretty minimal and there would be no point in being in our club if you are not volunteering with PTH.

 If you need to miss a monthly lunch meeting:

If you need to miss a meeting, then you will be required to do one extra hour of volunteering to make it up.  In other words, if you have a conflict (school reason or you are sick), that is fine and it will be excused but you need to email us BEFORE the meeting.  Email address: or  Meeting attendance will be strictly enforced this year.  You can view meeting attendance on the link above.

What if I need to cancel an event that I signed up to participate in?  
We strictly enforce a 5-7 day cancellation notice.  If you cancel without 5-7 day notice.  If you cancel more than twice in one year without adequate notice, you will not be allowed to sign up for volunteer events the rest of the school year.  These events are planned sometimes a year in advance.  You need to be responsible for what you sign up for.  A 5-7 day notice is required so we have time to find a replacement. Being sick is something that happens but this will still count as a last minute cancellation.  If you don't feel well the day before and can find a replacement, we wont count the absence (but you must do all the coordinating and communicate back to the parent adviser).  We reserve the right to terminate club members if it is the cancellation is made the day of and it is felt that the excuse is not warranted.

Benefits of Being in The PTH Club?

Aside from the fact that colleges are looking for volunteer service hours, you will become more informed & aware of folks in need right in our own community. These volunteer events really bond this group together.  By helping others you will be come more aware of those in need by working with other like minded students that are interested in helping those who need our help most.  After each event you will realize how fortunate you are and you will also learn that giving is truly much better than receiving.  You will also have a great time getting to know other club members through these amazing volunteer events.

What are the fees for PTH?

Starting in Fall 2017: We are asking for a $35 Club donation to be in the club- this fee will cover club expenses, food for sandwich making events for the homeless, copies etc.  Funds will also be used to purchase art supplies for the St Vincent De Paul Holiday party (we will host a couple craft tables that will serve 1000 kids in need, costs for supplies estimated to be about $2000). This event provides a huge amount of volunteer spots but we can only have the spots if we host a table and pay for the supplies.  Only those that pay the $35 will receive Sign Up Genius invitations.  If you want to volunteer on your own, we will not require you to pay the fee... Please note that we will waive your club fee if there is a financial hardship.  Please email if you need to have this fee waived.  You will need to be able to cover your transportation costs if we take BART.  All finances go through the Pledge To Humanity Organization. If you get dropped because you have not attended meetings regularly, there is no refund on the club dues (sorry).
When and where are the meetings?
 The meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of every month in the Aux Gym at lunch time. Please bring bring a packed lunch for other meetings. We will take attendance at each meeting
How do I know what community service events are coming up?
Event invitations will be announced on Twitter and Remind Me App, via emailed Sign Up Genius invitations and also through our emailed news letters.   We also have a PTH calendar that you can look at. To view this calendar simply go into your Google Calendar account and in the section on the left where you can choose what calendar to look at.  You can "Add a friend's Calendar"- click here and input  You will see the volunteer opportunity events on the calendar.  The upcoming events will also be announced at the monthly meetings held at lunch time.  
PTH Shirt
Want to buy a Pledge To Humanity T-shirt? Cost is $20.60 and can be purchased online on this link here.  We offer these in White or Royal Blue short sleeve shirt options.  We will bring them to the club meetings and pass them out.
Are you affiliated with the Pledge to Humanity’s Non-Profit Organization:
Yes, we are affiliated with the Pledge To Humanity organization. PTH is a non-profit organization founded by Gaby Ghorbani (who lives in Alamo). PTH is associated with schools and other local organizations that do service community service projects in our area. Over the years PTH has organized school supply drives, athletic equipment drives, coat drives, shoe drives, and toiletry drives for people in need and for our military troops. The non-for profit group has served thousands of meals to the homeless all over the bay area. Not only do the PTH projects center around the needy but they also proudly serve our senior citizens and those that may be physically challenged too. In addition to all of these service projects, they have been able to work to raise funds to help the needy in our area and 5 other countries around the world. San Ramon Valley High's new Pledge To Humanity Club will aim to support some of the amazing non-for profit's volunteering efforts organized by the PTH organization.
 How Can I Become An Officer?
Officer positions are for a 2 year term.  On Jan 9th we will hold a mandatory meeting for anyone running or an officer position. The Form along with job descriptions and requirements to run is posted below.  NOTE: If there are more than 1 person running for an officer position, then the candidates will need to give a  1-2 minute speech to the club  explaining why they feel they're qualified and why they want the officer position.  Elections will be conducted online via Survey Monkey.  At our meeting in May: the officers will be announced.  QUALIFICATIONS TO RUN: CANDIDATES MUST HAVE COMPLETED AT LEAST 10 HOURS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE by March 13th of and must have attended all lunch time meetings. We want our officers to be active members that have displayed their commitment to the club through their service.   The form to apply will be posted at the bottom of this site and completed forms can be emailed to or turned in at the club meeting before 2/28.
Where can I get more information?
Students who have any questions about PTH may ask the officers during the meetings. Students may also contact the club advisor at The club advisor is Shannon Neach. 
Visit the SRVHS link to our PTH organization that we are affiliated with that keeps track of all our activities/events that we have participated in.