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Bell Schedule Overview:


Since November 2014, SRVHS staff, students and parents have been discussing ways to better support ALL our students academically and to decrease stress amongst both staff and students.

The data from our Stanford Survey (April 2015) shows that there are changes that we need to make in order to adjust the pace of life at SRVHS for all stakeholders. It is possible to maintain our high academic standards while providing some breathing room for both staff and students, and the schedules below have been designed in order to provide options that allow us to do that.


There are many different goals that staff, students and parents have been discussing.

These include:


  • Giving students some choice about how they use their time: study hall, home work completion, make ups, teacher help.
  • Slowing down the pace of the week for staff and students.
  • Trying to support our athletes by helping to mitigate the time missed from 6th period classes by trying to include “early release” days.
  • Trying to incorporate “late start” mornings if possible. These can allow students to start school later, on some days of the week.
  • Fulfilling the State/District parameters for bell schedule design and instructional minutes.
  • Strengthen staff and student relationships across the campus.

Home Room Time (Blue):

This chunk of time serves multiple purposes and can be used as “Advisory/Access” time or “Home Room” time depending on what’s happening that week. We are still in the process of designing exactly how students will be assigned, but one of the ideas is that during Home Room each teacher would have approximately 20 students assigned to them. The students would already have the teacher that they are assigned to, somewhere during their day, and the 20 students would all be either 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade. This way, each teacher has a group of students that they see regularly and their role is to provide support and guidance on a personal level - as well as making sure that the students are using their “Advisory/Access” time wisely. The students would be with the same teacher during their “Home Room” time and during their “Advisory/Access” time


Advisory/Access Time (Pink):

This time is designed to provide students with whatever support/time they need. Students can use it as study hall or homework time, they can use it to go and see teachers to make up tests or quizzes or get help with homework, or they can use the time to get specific academic support from a teacher.

During these blocks of time, the proposed idea is that all teachers at SRVHS will have about 20 students. Some will stay in that room, some will go to see other teachers, and some will be referred or assigned by teachers that need to see them.

Student attendance during this time period will be tracked in IC and students can self-select where they want to go, stay in their “Home Room” or be assigned to see a teacher. By keeping  the numbers low, it should be possible for students to get the help they need during this time. During “Home Room” time, the supervising teacher will check where students are planning to be and make sure that they know where they need to go during Advisory/Access time for the next couple of days.


Please take some time to review the four schedules on the website.

There is a google form that you will be emailed so that you can provide feedback regarding your preferences and priorities. Staff, Students and Parents are all being asked for their input, and these schedules have been designed following meetings with Staff, Students and Parents to find out what everyone’s priorities are. We are very excited that we have this opportunity to change the way that we use our time each day to better support everyone on our campus.



Ruth Steele