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Algebra 2 Course Policy

Algebra 2 – Ms. Heupel

Syllabus/Course Policies 2018-2019


Overview: Algebra is fundamental; in Algebra 2, students will develop a wide variety of mathematical tools that they’ll use in every subsequent math class.  Students will develop an extensive vocabulary of mathematical terms, symbols and functions; students will also learn how to manipulate and solve various kinds of equations, including those involving polynomial, exponential, and trigonometric functions.


Algebra 2 is a two-semester required college preparatory course.  Students will learn through participation in lessons, class discussion, group work, and other enrichment activities.


Course Content:

Semester 1: Linear Functions; Quadratic Functions; Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers; Polynomial Functions; Rational Exponents and Radical Functions

Semester 2: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions; Sequences and Series; Trigonometric Ratios and Functions; Probability; Data Analysis and Statistics.




Class Materials: 1. Pencil.  2. Notebook (I suggest, but do not insist on, a math-only notebook with graph paper).   3. Scientific calculator (this CANNOT be your phone or your computer; neither will be allowed on tests).  4. Computing device, as part of the BYOD program.  5. Big Ideas Math Textbook (school-issued); this heavy book can remain at home. 

You will not be excused from class to retrieve materials from your locker; chronic failure to bring materials will jeopardize your grade.

If you face difficulty in acquiring these class materials, please see me in private.  




Classroom Expectations: These fall into three categories:

  1. Be prepared.
    Note: this section includes the Late Homework Policy.

1a. Be on time!  Repeated tardies will result in administrative action, in accordance with SRVHS policy.  It’s also disrespectful of the time of your fellow students (see below).

1b. Bring daily class materials every day!  See “Class Materials” above.

1c. Do your homework!  Learning math requires doing math; new skills and concepts must be cemented on a daily basis.  In addition, test problems will closely parallel homework problems.  I strongly suggest that you initially try to do homework on your own, in a room with no distractions, before seeking help.   To receive full credit, you need to show your work (including reasoning). 

Late Homework Policy:  In the case of an excused absence, missed classwork and homework will receive full credit if turned in within two days (although you are strongly encouraged to turn it in earlier, so as to keep up with the class).  Otherwise, late classwork and homework will receive half credit if (a) complete and (b) turned in before the next unit test.

For the SRVUSD Homework Policy, please see the Addenda.

  1. Be present. You should be in class, and paying attention.

          2a. Please come to class!  Repeated absences make it harder to understand the material.  If you miss class, it’s    your responsibility to find the assignments you missed on School Loop and make them up promptly (see Late                    Homework Policy above).  Similarly, if you miss a test, it’s your responsibility to find me and schedule a make-                    up test.

          2b. Please make your phone silent, and put it away for the duration of class.  Your computer should also be away except when computers are being used for classwork.

          2c. No headphones.

          2d. Stay on task.  Side conversations are distracting, and math requires your whole concentration!


  1. Be respectful. Be kind. Be the good people I know you can be.

           3a. “To get respect, give respect.”  Act respectfully towards your teacher and fellow students, with the expectation that they will act respectfully towards you.

           3b. Act with common courtesy and common sense.  Assume good intentions in others.

           3c. Respect the ideas of others.  This is especially important, as we will be exploring mathematical ideas every    day.  If you disagree with somebody else’s idea, say so politely.

           3d. In accordance with district policy, harassment in or out of the classroom will not be tolerated.  This includes    (but is not limited to) harassment based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

           For the SRVUSD Anti-Harassment Policy, please see the Addenda.


Tests: Quizzes and tests will be frequent, and a major component of the grade (see below).  You should prepare for tests by reviewing notes, study guides, and homework problems.  You all know proper test-taking behavior; if you cheat on a test, you’ll receive a grade of “0”, which will severely drop your semester grade.



Your final grade will be based on: homework and classwork (15%); class participation (5%); quizzes and tests (60%); and exams (20%).  This grading policy is in close alignment with the other teachers of this subject at SRVHS.

  1.       Your final grade is a reflection of your work throughout the ENTIRE semester. If you care about your final grade the time to start worrying about it is NOW.  If you have a C three-fourths of the way through the semester, it’s an uphill climb just to finish with a B.
  2.       No individualized extra credit will be given; please don’t ask me if you can “do extra work” to bring up your grade.
  3.       I will update your grade on School Loop periodically. You are responsible for checking it, and bringing any errors (respectfully) to my attention.


Contact: Students and parents can reach me at sheupel@srvusd.netI strive to keep communication lines open.  Parents, students, and teachers all want the same thing – for the student to succeed.


Extra Help: I will be available for extra help during Access on Wednesday and Thursday if there is room.  In addition, I will frequently be available at lunch or after school, either by appointment or on a drop-in basis.


Drop Deadline

If you decide this class is not for you, the deadline to drop the course is by the end of the third week of each semester.  It is possible to drop a course after this deadline, but it will reflect on your transcript:  if your grade at the time of dropping is an F, it will appear on your transcript as an F.  If your grade is a D- or better at the time of dropping after the deadline, it will appear as NM for “No Mark.”


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