San Ramon Valley High School


Physical Education Instructors: 2
Aaron Becker: PE9, Nets, Weights, Advanced Weights
Varsity Football Coach, Associate Athletic Director
Cliff Hatch:  PE 9, Team Sports
Brian Hernandez:  Health, Weights, Sports Conditioning, Nets
Shannon Neach:  PE 9, Health
Sami Libby:  PE 9, Yoga
Department Leader, Women's JV Soccer Coach
John Raynor:  Yoga, Basketball
Stephanie Schafer:  Health, Yoga
Joani Ward: Dance
The Physical Education Department has a variety of elective courses in addition to the Freshman Core Curriculum (PE 9 and Health).
PE 9:
The freshman curriculum is aligned with the Content Standards which cover aquatics, team and individual activities, and dance. Fitness Components aligning with the State Fitness testing run throughout the program. 
Fitness Testing: Body composition, push ups, sit-ups, trunk lifts, sit and reach, mile run; VO2 max is calculated by the State. All students must pass 5 out of 6 tests to pass the Fitnessgram. If the student does not pass a test, for any reason (including medical reasons), that test is considered to be a "not passed" test. No exceptions per State mandate. Severely disabled students who have an IEP stating that they do not take the PFT will be considered to have "not passed" the PFT. There is no "Opt Out" provision with the PFT.  Those who do not pass 5 out 6 of the tests cannot be granted a waiver to take their second year of PE during any of their remaining years in high school (10, 11, or 12).  They must enroll in PE their sophomore year.  (Refer to CA SB 78)
Health: required course for Freshmen
P.E. Electives:
Basketball - Designed for the basketball enthusiast to further develop skills and knowledge of the game.
Dance 1 - open to all students.
Dance 2, 3, 4, 5 - enrollment is by audition only. See Mrs. Ward home page for more information. Participation in the productions is mandatory. Freshmen must take dance for Fine Arts credit and enroll in PE 9. 10-12 graders may take dance for Physical Education credit or Fine Arts credit.
Nets - Badminton, Tennis, Pickleball, Volleyball (alternate sports: basketball and floor hockey)
Weights -Training in spotting, fitness, weight lifting
Yoga - Yoga Fitness including stretching, strength training, power walking, and yoga postures
Sport Conditioning - Conditioning activities and sports
Team Sports - Dodgeball, floor hockey, field sports and more
Grading Policy: See attached