San Ramon Valley High School

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Special Education Teacher

Annas, Caitlyn                          SDC/Mild                                  925.552.3039

Blake, John                              SDC/Intensive                          925.552.3037 

Botteen, Brian                          SDC/Mild                                  925.552.3708

Couch, Donald                         Resource Specialist                 925.552.

Erickson-Beyers, Deb               Resource Specialist                 925.552.3706 

Farahani, Pamela                     Resource Specialist                 925.552.3076 

Hunt, Carolyn                           Resource Specialist                 925.552.3740

Kamal, Shirin                           SDC/Moderate                          925.552.3012 

McClun, Lisa                            School Psychologist                925.552.3770

Messina, Cara                          School Psychologist                925.552.3034

Tovani, Anthony                       Resource Specialist                 925.552.3762

Wyman, Marie                          S/L Specialist                           925.552.3040 

Para Educators
Each program has assigned para educators to support the education of our students.