San Ramon Valley High School

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Special Education Teacher

Annas, Caitlyn                          SDC/Mild                                  925.552.3039

Blake, John                              SDC/Intensive                          925.552.3037 

Botteen, Brian                          SDC/Mild                                  925.552.3708

Farahani, Pamela                     Resource Specialist                 925.552.3076 

Hunt, Carolyn                           Resource Specialist                 925.552.3740

Kamal, Shirin                           SDC/Moderate                          925.552.3012 

Lee, Ben                                   Resource Specialist

McClun, Lisa                            School Psychologist                925.552.3770

Messina, Cara                          School Psychologist                925.552.3034

Tovani, Anthony                       Resource Specialist                 925.552.3762

Weisenberg, Erika                   Resource Specialist

Para Educators
Each program has assigned para educators to support the education of our students.