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About Finals

Second semester finals will be the same format as first semester finals, meaning a single paper test completed in one large block. Like first semester, it is to be weighted at 20% and have the rules as the first semester's final, specifically:
1) No electronics are going to be allowed during finals beyond a scientific calculator. Phones and computers are not allowed. No student materials or textbooks will be permitted either, although Algebra II students will be provided with a equation reference sheet.
2) Nothing other than the exam, answer sheet, scientific calculator, writing materials, and quiet snacks are allowed out on the desk during the exam. All other materials must be cleared before the exam starts or they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the period.
3) Anyone who will not be able to take the final at the designated time or who will need additional accommodations must make Mr. Polugar-Laub aware of this fact BEFORE the day of the final.