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Karen Bonnar
I am excited to begin another year at the Home of the Wolves!

I have been teaching at SRV for the past 9 years. I began my teaching career while a graduate student at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces (from 1994--1996). I was allowed to design and create curriculm, which launched my passion for new and better lessons, especially involving the teaching of writing. I taught overseas in South Korea at a private school and then I moved to Boston to teach at the Boston School of Modern Languages (BSML). For the last few years I have been traveling and writing in Zagreb, Croatia each summer. Traveling and being exposed to various academic styles has joyfully influenced my teaching.

In the last few years, I have taken up cycling. There are many surprising connections between athletics and academic fortitude. Taking risks, being open to learning new techniques, refining techniques, and receiving instructive feedback are central to both universes. Road cycling has helped refine my teaching, see my students' passions in a new light, and grounded me. It has been a complex blessing.

This academic year at SRV I will be teaching Freshmen English, Juniors (American Literature) and Film as Literature (seniors only).

Feel free to email me if you have questions or concerns.

If you are looking for current assignments and /or class information, please check my school-loop page. The link is on the top right.

Warm regards,
Karen Bonnar

Karen Bonnar
Teacher, English
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