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College & Career Center News 4/22/16

Important Events and On Campus College Visits



Important Announcements

SENIORSMay 1 is NATIONAL DECISION DAY!  Be sure you let the college know where you plan to enroll in the fall, and decline the other offers of admission.  If you are on one or more waiting lists, see details below under “Seniors”.  Remember, you may only accept an offer of admission to ONE college.   And, for the most part, all colleges withdraw their offers of admission after May 1 if you have not sent in your “statement of intent to register” (i.e. said “yes” to their offer of admission). 


Senior Tradition: We have 2 traditions here at SRVHS where we encourage seniors to share their post high school plan.  In the College & Career Center, we ask seniors to complete a form (these are available NOW) and from that form we create a pennant to put on our map in the center.  Please stop by! This map remains posted into the next school year to share with students the diversity of options our students have  post high school. This information is also posted in our school newspaper at year end.


On May 6th, SRV leadership will host a “DECISION DAY” celebration in the quad at lunch where students may post where they are going/what they will be doing after high school,  on big state maps.  These “state” visuals will again be shared at the graduation ceremony on June 10th.  


SENIORS!  Check out these scholarships on Naviance!!! (Naviance: Colleges tab: scholarship list)  (NEW) Werne Family Student-Athlete Scholarship - $1000 (due May 12); (NEW) Majmundar Kids Scholarship - $500 (due May 11); Danville Women’s Club (due May 2) $500; Academic Boosters (due May 2).  Stone Valley PTA - Alumni Scholarship ($500), due 5/13; Greenbrook PTA ($500), due 5/6; Rancho Romero PTA (due 5/6); CSF Lifetime Members Scholarship (due 4/29)  


SENIORS- COMMUNITY COLLEGE:  If DVC is on your “radar”, be sure to follow their early enrollment steps to be potential for early course registration.  Go to: for enrollment information.  You may apply to any community college…just go to their website and follow their instructions!


Rising Seniors/Current Juniors


UC Personal Statement Prompts will be changing for the Class of 2017.  Learn more from the posting on school loop or stop by the College and Career Center for a handout.


NEW College Application this fall for a select group of colleges.  This new application (group) is called the “Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success”.  See for more information and the timeline for its release.  We also have an informational flyer in the College and Career Center. 




  • The Alameda County Fair needs VOLUNTEERS! There are lots of perks (including a free t-shirt and hat) so check out their website to learn how to apply.  Go to:  com or email
  • The Alameda county Fair also has PAID jobs available! Must be at least 16 years old by June 15, 2016.  Go to the same website as above to see the list of jobs and to apply.  Pick up flyers in the College & Career Center.
  • White Water Rafting Company needs some office help. See posting on School loop for Seniors and juniors.  A nice perk is FREE rafting adventures for staff!  Pay ranges from $10.50 to $12.50.  See flyer on Job Board for more information.
Swim Instructors Big Arms Swimmers: Student swim instructors needed in the Danville area,  $21/hr, flexible hours.  Training provided. See school loop or Interested Applicants apply at:


Town of Danville


Lifeguarding Positions: The Town of Danville is currently hiring Summer Aquatics Staff! The application process is online and can be accessed by going to the following webpage: Applicants must be at least 15 years of age and registered in or completed an American Red Cross Lifeguard Training course to be completed by June 19th. For more information, please contact April Hillyer at [email protected].
Danville Youth Council: The Danville Youth Council is an engaged and energetic group of middle school and high school students interested in bettering their community. The Council is a great opportunity to improve your leadership skills, give back to the community and make a difference for your fellow students. DYC members address teen issues in the community, communicate needs to the local decision makers, educate their peers through print and events, partner with local school clubs to put on events, and help design better recreational opportunities for teens in our area. The DYC meets 4:30-5:30pm the first Monday of each month, September-June, in the Town Meeting Hall. Submit an application to be considered for membership in the 2016/2017 school year for April 11-May 13, 2016 at For more information, contact the Teen Program Coordinator, Allison Socha, at or [email protected].




COLLEGE ADMISSIONS DECISIONS---our PENNANT map is growing!  We invite all seniors to share their post high school plans with us and we will post a “pennant” on our map in the College & Career Center.  Will you be taking a GAP YEAR?  Going to college in CA or another state or another country?  Entering the military?  Entering the workforce?  OH THE PLACES YOU WILL BE GOING….WE CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR! 


Men age 18 and above – Remember to register for the selective service: It is a young man’s civic duty and legal obligation to register with the selective service. See




Sign up for ACT or SAT tests. Only a few spring dates remain!  ACT: or SAT: ALL 4 YEAR COLLEGE BOUND JUNIORS should consider taking at least one of these tests in junior year (by June).  Tests can be repeated in the fall, but it is recommended to have one completed in junior year. 


SRVHS Academic Boosters offers ACT/SAT test preparation opportunities through the spring. College application essay writing sessions held May 17th or 24th. Register at academics: academic boosters: test prep.




See school loop news for a list of many announced summer opportunities! NAVIANCE is another great resource for summer enrichment! See the COLLEGES page, and scroll down to the “Enrichment” link.  Click on it and begin your search.
Stop by the C & CC to look at the brochures for many different opportunities. We receive new ones daily.  Parents welcome, too.
Check out our growing job board!
Mrs. Schratz and Mrs. Wise