San Ramon Valley High School

Academic Booster's College Test Preparation Program

A 2 test prep calendar is currently being worked on and will be posted August 1st.
To sign up for an upcoming session, click the link below or go to SRVHS: Academics Tab: Academic Booster: Test Prep
Academic Boosters offers popular ACT and SAT Mock Tests as well as Parent Education and Bootcamp programs to help students prepare for their college tests. Full-length mock ACTs and SATs are proctored by local test prep companies, giving students a simulated testing practice in a low stress environment right here on campus. Following each test (usually a week or two later) results are handed back.  In addition to this, you'll see parent/student education evenings being offered, writing workshops, ACT or SAT weekend bootcamps (in partnership with MVHS and DVHS) as well as a mock 'combo' SAT/ACT for year end Sophomores or beginning year Juniors to give them idea of the two different tests. 
The major emphasis throughout this program will be stress reduction for the students involved in the college testing process at affordable prices which will make practice tests accessible to all interested students. Students who attend the follow-up sessions receive their test results and can use these to find their areas of strengths and weaknesses. The College/Career Center has many preparation and test books for students who wish to increase their scores through practice and attaining a comfort level with the types of questions they can expect.
Test Prep questions regarding Academic Booster offerings can be directed to Julie Carbonell @