San Ramon Valley High School

Testing: PSAT/ACT/SAT/Subject Tests

PSAT - Offered on behalf of College Board at SRVHS once per year, typically in mid-October. Watch for registration information from SRVHS in mid-late September.  The PSAT is also the National Merit Qualifying Test.  Typically test results are available in December and actual score reports with test booklets are available for pick up in the C&CC in early February.  Students who score in the top .5% of their state's test takers, typically enter into the National Merit Scholarship competition.  Google 'NMSQT' for more information.
SAT & ACT & SUBJECT TESTS:  Most 4-year colleges require that students submit scores for an official ACT or SAT test as part of their application requirements. Therefore, most 4 year college bound juniors will begin taking the SAT or ACT in winter or spring of their junior year. Some private schools may require/recommend that students take one or more Subject Tests as well.  ALWAYS check the college website for application requirements to be certain you are submitting the correct information. 
While juniors typically take these tests in the spring of their junior year, many seniors will test in the fall as well, to attempt to improve their scores. See the websites below for a list of testing dates and to register for the tests. Test sites do fill up so register early for closer location options. 
To register for the ACT, SAT/Subject tests or get more testing information, go to:
Some schools do not require college testing. To learn more go to:
Preparing for these tests:
  • The SRVHS College & Career Center has many different types of books to assist with preparation for these tests.  
  • SRVHS Academic Boosters offers some test prep options for interested students all year long. Pre-registration is required, so be sure to check the Academic Booster's Test Prep Calendar. These offerings are fundraisers for the AB organization.
  • Khan Academy has partnered with College Board to offer free SAT test prep. Go to the College Board website to learn more. 
  • ACT offers free test prep on their website as well and is partnering with Kaplan Tutoring. 
  • There are many other free web based test prep tools to explore.  Find the one that supports you best!
Student must send scores from their ACT or SAT account directly to the colleges they are applying to during the college application process.