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Seniors - Class of 2015

President ~ Colette Smith

Vice President ~ Lauren Hatter

Secretary ~ Riley Glasson

Treasurer ~ Lauren Kadesh


Grad Night Building Volunteers Needed now through Thursday

Grad Night Volunteers Needed during Grad Night

2015 Grad Night Reminders

 Student Check-In: 8:30-9:30.  Doors Close at 9:30!

 Mandatory Parent Pick up

Signing the Grad Night permission slip means that you agreed to pick up your student at the conclusion of Grad Night (5am).  Pick up will be in the senior lot.

 In 2008, at the conclusion of our Grad Night, one graduate flipped his truck and another hit a tree head-on because they had fallen asleep at the wheel.  Mandatory parent pick up began in 2009. PLEASE pick your student up in the senior lot or arrange a carpool or ask a friend!  We will have kept them safe and sober all night,  we don’t want to loose even one because they got in their car to drive home half asleep!  Drop your student off before graduation without their car.

 Drugs and Alcohol

Like most events at school, we will be screening for drugs and alcohol at check in.  Possession or use of drugs or alcohol is illegal and grounds for ejection from Grad Night.  Each student will be breathalyzed.  If it is determined that a student is under the influence or in possession of drugs or alcohol, the parent /guardian will be notified to come and pick up the student immediately.  NO REFUNDS will be given.  Police may be contacted if deemed appropriate.

 Belongings and Medication

 Students are encouraged to leave backpacks and purses at home.  No bottles, opened or unopened, will be allowed into Grad Night.  Each student will be assigned a small storage bag that will be stored in a secure location.  Students may store jackets, phones, approved medication and personal belongings in their bag.  If a student needs something from their bag a parent volunteer will retrieve it for them.  Don’t forget to pick up your take home bag in your assigned check out room at the end!

 Students may not take any medication that is not in its original, labeled packaging/bottle.  There will be 3-5 licensed medical professionals on-site from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am. If you have any specific needs or questions, please call Andrea Olivieri 788-2337.

What to Bring

School ID

Cell phone

Cell phone charger labeled with your name

Cell phones will be used for one of the activities throughout the night and students may charge their cell phones in their bag check room. 

Sweatshirt (it can get cold)    

This is the list of Grad Night attendees as of 6/3/ 15.  Please double check the list below for your student's name.  If you do not see your student's name and they would like to attend, it's not too late to purchase a ticket  :)     If you believe you have already purchased a ticket and do not see your student's name, please contact Jen Martin at

If your student has ** by their name, please fill out the paperwork ASAP.  Your student will NOT be able to attend without complete paperwork.  You can find the forms at, on the "STUDENT" tab, under the Class of 2015, at the bottom of the page.   Parents~please be on the look out for emails with GRAD NIGHT in the subject line from  We might need more information from you :)  Please check your SPAM folder too. 

 If you have any questions, please contact Jen Martin @  Our goal is to have as many seniors as possible attending this wonderful, fun, once-in-a-lifetime event!!

 If you need financial assistance, please contact Janet Willford directly at


If your student has not picked up their Graduation Gown and Cap, please pick up from Candace Molano, Principal's Secretary (925/552-3013)  

If you have NOT ordered your Cap and Gown and still need to do so, please contact Josten's at 925/838-1835.  There is no guarantee you will receive your Gown by Graduation.

Graduation Ceremony:  Friday, June 12, 2015 @ 6:00PM on the SRV Football Field

Graduation Practice-9:00AM in Main Gym: Mandatory Check-out and Graduation practice for all seniors will begin in the Main Gym at 9:00AM on Friday June 12th. If you do not attend the mandatory practice you will not be in the Graduation ceremony. Graduating students are to return to SRV for the commencement ceremony at 5:15PM and report to the main gym. The Graduation ceremony is on the Stadium Field at 6PM. and usually last about 90 minutes.  The gates for bleacher seating will open at 4:00PM. The gates for field seating will open at 5:00PM.

Grad Night Celebration (all night 8:30PM - 5:00AM) Friday, June 12-Saturday, June 13, 2015

Friendly Reminders
Class of 2015 Parent Email List - We have lots of activities and news to share with the Senior Parents. If you are interested in putting your name on the Class of 2015 email list which sends out requests for volunteers and donations and updates on Senior activities, please go to and on the right hand side of the home page, click Join Mailing List and click on Class of 2015 News.

Class of 2015 Texting Service - You and your Senior should sign up for the school-wide texting service. You and your student can easily stay updated with Senior Class and school functions and news. To sign up, text "Follow @SRV15updates" to 40404, and you will immediately receive a confirmation message.  (Text “follow(space)@srv15updates”)

Class of 2015 Facebook Page - Please have your kids join the Senior Facebook Page for updates and information on Senior and SRV activities. Have them search the SRV Class of 2015 page for the request to join.

Class of 2015 Twitter - Follow the Class of 2015 on Twitter - @whatsupSRV15

Please contact us at any time with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Helga Glasson,925-212-0986
Melissa Blumenfeld, 914-391-5898
Class of 2015 Parent Reps

Josh Abbott
Chris Adami
Jonathan Adams 
Charlotte Affolter 
Jake Aguayo 
Daniel Aguilar
Trevor Alexander
Chandra Allan
Mitchel Allan
Jared Allen
Veronica Allen
Miranda Allinson
Adriana Alvarez
Josiah Alvira
Brooke Ambrose 
Aubrey Andrade
Tiana Andrade
Taylor Aplanalp 
Ashley Arbuckle  
Shelby Arguelles
Mitchell Arkin
Bailey Arthur
Jessica Arvin 
Courtney Ashoo 
Hana Athanasios
Qadeer Atlass
Layla Bagheroghli 
Heather Baine 
Karly Baker
Zack Baker
Katie Ballowe
Meagan Barker
Taylor Barker
Kelly Barr 
Nicholas Bartenetti
Brianna Bass
Katherine Bates
Abby Bauer
Conor Bauman 
Patrick Baur
Christine Bayliss
Madeleine Beans 
Nick Bear
Nathan Becker
Nicholas (Cole) Becker
Wynne Becker
Sam Bennett
Bradley Benz**
Nikolas Bernhardt
Blake Bernstein
Kathleen Berriatua
Pierson Berry
Emily Biekert
Kayla Birdsall
Ryan Birdsall 
Zachary Blumenfeld 
Kailee Bobele
Stephanie Bodisco
Madeleine Bollengier
Brandon Book
Daniella Boragno 
Summer Boucher
Rachel Braunschweig
Andrew Brennan  
Kayla Brennan **
Alex Brick
Chris Brick
Arielle Brodsky
Isabella Bromley
Ashlyn Bruschke 
Rachael Buchanan
Parker Bula
Sidney Bundlie
Jane Burkland
Allison Cable
Ryan Cairns
Dylan Calamoneri 
Nicole Calhoun
Zoe Campbell 
Summer Canavan 
Christian Cannon
Elliott Capone
Olivia Cardinal 
Gregory Carmel
Samantha Carmel
Margaret Carter
Austin Casson
Sophia Cavanagh
Megan Cavallo
Fernando Cervantes
Christina Chace
Zachary Chase
Cynthia Chiang
Katie Christensen
Nolan Clancy 
Cyrus Clark
Emily Clay
Kaleigh Clougher  
Nicole Clouse 
Sydney Cohen
Daniel Colton
Jacquelyn Combs
Cassidy Commins 
Kienan Corcoran
Mitchell Correa
Kyle Costello
Amber Courtright 
Dominic Coutches
Castille Cox
Isabelle Cox
Natalee Cristiani 
Shelby Cronin 
Taylor Cuenin 
Raquel Curley **
Austin Dameron 
Katherine Daymond
Allie Davis
Taylor De Smidt 
Alper deCarion
Kyle Dennehy
Rajinder Dhaliwal
Christopher Diehl 
Mimi Diekman
Lucas Dillon 
Orazio Di Mauro
Luca Ditano
Alexandra Do
Kelsey Donavin 
Jake Don Sing
Samantha Dooley
Roger Dorris
Connor Doyle
Yuhan Du
Le Andra Duke
Dallin Earl
Gregory Eastman
Dane Eckert
David Eddy
Kaitlin Eklem
Lindsay Eklund **
Natalie Elam
Michael Ennen
Laura Ennis
Jacob Erickson
Nicholas Ericsson
Dominic Espinoza
Christy Fagen
Megan Fairchild
Marissa Fairchild
Jack Faith
Connor Farley
Jennifer Farrell
Garrett Fawley 
Christopher Feickert 
Brendan Ferrone
Ron Fidelman
Selin Firat
Kaitlin Flavio
Rebekah Folkman 
Sarah Foreman
Patrick Foster  
Elizabeth Fraysse
Matthew Fraysse
Ben Freiman
Connor Freitas 
Austin French
Nick Friedler
Stephanie Fruth 
Christian Fuca
Hannah Fulks 
Anna Fulop 
Connor Gainey
Harry Gardiner
Jaren Garff
Claire Garrahan
Callie General 
Isabel Gervis
Gwen Gettle
Maggie Gibbons **
Emma Gil
Emma Gillette
Jake Giusto 
Caitlin Glasser 
Riley Glasson 
Luke Goldstein
Frederick Golinveaux
Alexis Gonsalves  
Wesley Gosnell
Roberta Golez
William Greer 
Matthew Grier 
Chloe Grossman
Hannah Grossman
Selina Guevara
Trevor Guillies **
Alyssa Guthrie 
Christian Hair 
Lauren Halversen
Christy Hammill
John Hammill
Kaylee Hansen
Brandon Hardy 
Ben Harmon
Bailey Harrison
Mikaela Harwood
Lauren Hatter
Monica Havey
Katie Heathorn
Amanda Helle
Jonathan Helle
Anastasia Henderson  ** 
Clayton Hensley
Arian Herovi
Eidean Herovi
Sarah Herron  
Maddie Hickey
Lauren Hocker
Henry Holloway   
Cassidy Hoover
Nicole Horton
Ryan Huggins 
Cole Hunter
Kylee Hwang
Seul Ki Hypnar
Todd Isaacson
Jennifer Jackson
Gabrielle Javier
Soundarya Jayaraman
Marissa Olivia Jimenez **
Nick Johnson
Tailar Johnson
Whitney Johnson 
Haley Juarez **
Lauren Kadesh 
Rachael Kahn 
Natalie Kaucic
Caine Keeps
Sarah Kelkar
Laurie Kelso
Andrew Kerr
Kendall Kessler
Blair Kessler 
Tia Kim
Kat Klass
David Klopp
Kyra Knox
Matthew Ko 
William Koart
Matthew Kolokousis
JJ Koski
Tarryn Krause
Matthew Kropschot 
Grace Kuester
Drew Kunde
Monica Kunzel
Cyrus Kusha
Matthew Labrie
Caroline Lageson
Tracy Lahey 
Cameron Lallana
Keegan Lancaster
Danielle Land 
Joshua Larsen
Lindsey Larson
Madison Larson
Shaye Lawrentz  
Regan Leach
Connor Lee
Jared Leong
Sophie Lesico
Kathryn Letts
Julia Liebowitz
Daniel Lim
Emily Lindner
Alden Lofquist **
Geovani Lopez**
Dylan Lottinville 
Natalie Louie
Ben Lowe
Corinne Lowe
Gregory Lowe 
Cameron Lozier
Allyson Luckhardt 
Hannah Lutz
Devin Lynch
Nicole Lyon 
Derek Lytle 
Breanna Mack
Brennan MacKay  
Grace Magruder
Kyle Makaiwi
Nicole Marchesani
Vinnie Margiotta
Lauren Martins 
Madison Mascali
Georgia Matthews
Joey Matulovich
Michael Maul 
Jimmy McCarthy **
Maizy McCormick 
Casey McCracken
Conner McEldowney
Kyle McEntush 
Ryan McEntush
Thomas McFann
Morgan McGarry 
Dayere McHenry
Jeff McKenzie
Blake McMahon
Nancy McWilliams
Megan Melara 
Katherine Mellen
Ryan Mendoza
Allana Metz
Meredith Michel
Delaney Miller
Nathan Miller
Alexis Millias
Mason Minchen**
Kendall Montgomery
Riley Chance Moore
Julia Morgin
Brittany Moriarty
Brooke Moriarty
Michelle Morones
Brendan Morris**
Lauren Morte
Quinn Mortensen
Ibrahim Muhawieh
Patrick Mulholland
Ryan Mullins
Ryan Murphy 
Alec Murrer 
Devin Mutha 
Jackson Myatt 
Sofia Nadji 
Madison Nagle
Seamus Nagle
Chad Nash
Clint Nash
Cole Negi
Laura Nelson
Shane Nelson
Zachary Nelson 
Carter Nichols
Charlie (Megan) Noble
Annalise Northway
Kamila Nowicki
Elyse Nunnery 
Christina Nuti 
Michael Oivieri
Hannah Olson
Elizabeth Orum
Connor Osterman 
Kelly Overstreet 
Oliver Page
Nicholas Palma
Brad Parese
Katherine Pasichuke
Madison Paulson
Logan Pearce
Lauren Pearson 
Emily Pedlowe
James Perley**
Hannah Perrien
Anne Peterson 
Frejya Pettersen
Amelia Phillips
Justin Pisenti
Greg Platner
Nicholas Poirier
Gregg Polosky 
Ian Porter
Rachel Porter
Rachel Potter
Madeleine Powell
Stephanie Pritzkow
Kristin Prochazka
Garrett Pugh
Rachel Pulver
Mackenzie Putvin
Aimee Quinlan
Sarah Rose Raney
Elana Ranhoff 
Alex Raymond
Kelsey Reder
Melissa Reeve
Erin Regan
Stephanie Relova
Amada Reyes
Ani Reyes
Peyton Riccio
Jason Riegel
Peter Riley
Grant Rivas 
Megan Robeson 
Dajon Robinson**
Alex Rock
Kathryn Rodd
Jordan Romrell 
Noah Rosenthal
Kaitlin Ross
Dylan Rothfield
Armando Royal
Jack San Vicente
Kenneth Sananikone 
Joseph Sawires
Andrew Sayko 
Christopher Scatterday
Kristin Schumann 
Dominique Scott
Kate Shaffer
Makena Shaman
Rachael Shaw
Edris Sherdil 
McKenna Sherve
Alex Shupe-Shellooe
Erin Silliman
Brandon Silva
Sophia Silvestri
Erika Simonich
Joe Simonich
James Sims 
Heer Singh
Karl-Filip Sjogrell
Caroline Skinner
Nicole Smart
Parker Smart
Adrianne Smith
Amber Smith
Ashley Smith
Colette Smith
Keith Smith
Lauren Smith
Louis Smith
Madeleine Smith
Sofia Smith
Ray Soderman
Prabhmehar Sodhi
Tracy Sokat
Shirin Sorooshian 
Kyle Spackman  
Jason Spinetti
Sara Spranger
Jessica Stauber
Amanda Steele
Cailey Steffens
Kathryn Steinway
Brooke Stevens 
Nathan Stone
Annika Strom
Connor Strong 
Riley Struck
Hannah Student 
Kenny Sueksdorf
Julia Suffoletta
Michael Sween
Jared Sylvia
Kyle Sylvia
Morgan Haley Talbot
Sean Talebi
Jessica Tallerico
Sanjna Tandon
Chandler Tarantino
Logan Tarpley
Dean Taylor
Mia Taylor **
Kate Teevens
Matthew Thayer
Andrew Thiermann
Chris Thompson
Robin Thorsen
Matthew Tillis
Kyle Tkach
Nicholas Tobia
Austin Tobian
Erica Tom 
Haley Torretta
Connor Tressen
Drew Tressen
Alex Tsuruda
Timothy Tucker
Garret Urban
Thomas Valenta
Tom Van Hoesen
Sabrina van Raalte **
Caroline Vaughn
Bridgette Venezia
Samuel Vila
Anna Vojvoda
Sydney Vuskovic
Eric Wagner
Patrick Ward
Alison Watson
Sarah Wayland
Shelby Webb 
Rebecca Weber 
Shane Webster
Justin Weilbach
Madelyne Weinberg
Ben Weinstein
Ian Weinstein
Ryan Weisenberg
Jacob Weiss
Trevor Welch  
Hannah Westgate
Taylor Whittemore
Taylor Wickman
Trevor Williams
Sidney Williams
Larissa Wilkinson
Alexei Wirganowicz
Brandon Wise
Julie Wolfe
Paul Wolfert
Derek Wong 
Jemma Wood**
Jordan Wood
Jack Wooldridge
Ryan Woolridge
Kyle Worley 
Annabelle Worrall
Theodore Wright
Jessica Wright
Matthew Yarmolich
Cameron Yee
Jack Yehl
Jessica Yen
Rebecca Yen
Alexis Yeung
Nicholas Young
Sophia Yray
Kevin Yu
Nina Zabaneh
Rebekah Zeleny
McKenzie Zwetsloot
** indicates missing paperwork
Forms can be found under the Class of 2015 page @
Once complete, please return to the Grad Night Box 
in the Attendance Office.