San Ramon Valley High School

Ms. Bonnie Schar
Instructor: Mrs. Bonnie Schar
Course: Sports Medicine
San Ramon Valley High School/ROP

Course Description:

The field of Sports Medicine is an exciting, growing career. Sports Medicine is the phrase that is used to describe a vast network of multi disciplinary medical concerns related to athletic activity. This course will provide the student with a broad knowledge of human anatomy, kinesiology, nutrition, first aid and CPR. Emphasis will be placed on Injury prevention and recognition and immediate treatment of athletic injuries. This course will serve as a solid foundation for any student interested in the field of medicine.
*This is a UC approved course

Course Expectations:

1. Cell phone use is prohibited in class
2. No eating in class
3. Treat everyone with respect
”District policy states that harassment in or out of the classroom is not to be tolerated. Harassment based on race, ethnicity, able-bodiedness, sexuality, perceived sexuality, gender, gender expression, monetary standing, religion or faith-base, or any other factor will be reported to the administration and dealt with accordingly. This includes slang such as “that’s so gay” or “that’s retarded.” Both are considered hate speech."

4. Cheating will result in a 0 for the assignment
5. Bring materials to class

Class Materials:

- Each student needs to bring a clip board to class during second semester.
- Class text books will be provided and stored in the class room
- Separate folder for note taking, periodically notebooks will be collected.

Absences & Assignments:

- All absences including suspensions, will have two weeks to make up work for full credit.
- Anyone receiving a cut will receive a “0” for missed work.
- Anyone absent should inquire about missed work. It is you responsibility to follow up on what you missed. Pay attention to late/missed work

Late Work:

In class assignments are due at the end of the period; late work will be deducted points. If you are working hard and need additional time, I will allow for extensions. Please note all extensions require a signature from me.


Graded on a total point value.

A + 97-100 B 86-83 C- 72-70 F 59 and below
A 93-97 B- 82-80 D+ 69-67
A- 90-92 C+ 79-77 D 66-63
B+ 89-87 C 76-73 D- 62-60

Ms. Bonnie Schar
Teacher, Sports Medicine ROP
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