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Shirin Kamal Class

What are we doing in this class?:



Period   1                      Math Concepts

Math Steps (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fraction) Banking Math, Menu Math, Coupon Math, Real World Math, Touch Math, Money Calc Worksheets

Period   2/3                  Social Studies/Science/Life Skills

California Science, Life Skills Health, United States Government, World Geography and Cultures, United States Geography Reader, Bill Nye the Science Guy

Electives: PE, Yoga

Period   4                    Language Arts/Independent Study

Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing and Spelling Skills.

Electives: Dance, PE

Period   5                    Teacher’s Prep Period

Electives: Culinary Arts, Art, Video Production

Period   6                      Computer & Technology

            Making full use of the Internet, email (including email attachments),     Search engines, Web browsers, Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint,

           Publisher, Word)


Classroom Policies:

1- Give your best effort.
2- Be polite and kind.
3- Do not talk out of turn.
4- Stay in your seat.
5- Come to class prepared.

Shirin Kamal
SDC Teacher
San Ramon High School
Phone: (925)552-3012