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Creative Writing
Creative Writing is an elective course designed to introduce students to the fundamental skills necessary to become a creative writer. Students are involved in the close study of literature. Writing exercises include the composition of original poetry, short stories, and vignettes. Students learn the basic techniques of creative writing including figurative elements involved in constructing appropriate setting and theme. Designed to encourage students' creativity through the use of technique as well as mastery of basic writing skills, this course culminates with a portfolio of polished work. Students may repeat the course in the spring for additional elective credit.
This course is an elective but does not meet the UC/CSU “g” requirement or meet the English requirement for graduation.
Grades 10-12 - Year Students can apply the fundamentals of writing to publications of the Wolfprint, the school newspaper. This is a year long class.
Prerequisite: A semester of Journalism required or recommendation from English teacher.
This course meets the UC/CSU “g” requirement
Grades 9-12 S1 Class Journalism is a basic course in news, feature, column and editorial writing. In addition, the course will cover: law of the press, advertising, headline writing, and newscasts. This course offers an exploration into the field of journalism and its role in today's society.
Prerequisite: Completion of previous year’s college prep English course with a grade of “C” or better.
This course meets the UC/CSU "g" requirement.
Grades 10-12 This course involves students in the production of the school annual, El Lobo. Students in this course are responsible for every aspect of page production including photography, headline, copy, caption writing, picture cropping and proof correction. Students are also required to assist in distribution of the yearbooks.
Prerequisite: Application process - see Mrs. Donovan.