San Ramon Valley High School

With regard to Tuesday intervention, the Math Department has made an attempt to cover all core subjects. It is always best for a student to get help from their classroom teacher. If a student's teacher is unavailable on a given Tuesday, the following teachers have volunteered to help.

Teacher Name Period A
Budhabhatti, Sherna Pre-Calc Trig [L4]
Childress, Phil Trans to Alg [G3]
Gliozzi, Debra Geometry [R5],Algebra 2[R5]
Morris, Ray AP Statistics [K2]
Noack-Smith, Jen Algebra 2 [K4]
Nolan, Molly Algebra 1 [K3]
Regalia, Susan
Santos, David Geometry [K1]

Math Department Staff
Blake, John – Pre-Transition
Budhabhatti, Sherna – Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calc/Trig
Childress, Phil – Transition to Algebra, Statistics
Henze, Eric – Geometry, Calculus, Pre-Calc/Trig
Morris, Ray – AP Statistics, Geometry
Noack-Smith, Jen – Adv. Math Topics Algebra 2
Nolan, Molly – Adv. Math, Adv. Algebra 2, Algebra 1
Regalia, Susan – Geometry, Algebra 2
Santos, David – Geometry, Algebra 1
Smith, Craig – Algebra 1, Geometry
VanNess, Donald – Algebra 2, AP Physics, Physics, Honors Physicsss
Wallace, Steve – Honors Pre-Calc, Algebra 2, Algebra 1
Willis, Kenon – Algebra 1, Statistics, Geometry
Zumbro, Rick – AP Calc BC, Geometry, AP Calc AB