San Ramon Valley High School

Athletic PE is for SRVHS Interscholastic Team Athletes only.
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ATHLETIC PE (formerly Independent IPE)
ATHLETIC PE: open to 10-12 students in SRVHS athletes; 10th graders must have passed the Fitness tests. This program is for highly organized, independent, and responsible SRVHS athletes, and is solely initiated and maintained by the student throughout their season of sport. The Program Director  will monitor progression and completion of the participation hours. 
 To qualify  students must have 6 period Academic Day: No Teacher Aide, Study  Hall, or PE. 
 Athletic PE  and PE cannot be taken concurrently; and student must be on a SRV  Interscholastic Athletic Team for the entire season and maintain a  2.0  GPA throughout the entire season of sport.
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1. Pick up application from Mr. Raynor, Athletic Director's office.  
2. Sign up for a copy of your current class schedule in the counseling office which will then be available for pick up the following day; this is due with the application.
3. Turn in completed application and class schedule to Mr. Raynor by the application deadline to receive a Time Card.
4. Illness or medicals during the application period: Contact  Mr. Raynor. If you do not contact  prior to the deadline you will not be admitted to the program.
5. Logging in Time Card Hours: Head Coach signs weekly; Plan to bring in your time card to Mr. Raynor during brunch. This is to be done every two weeks. 
Coaches must verify the hours at the time they sign the time card.