San Ramon Valley High School

Welcome to the home page of the Environmental/Engineering Program (E2)!

To spread environmental awareness and to better the environment at our school and in our community.
 We meet the second Tuesday of every month in the New Staff Lounge (second floor to the left above the commons).  
A period:
In addition, we meet every Tuesday during A period to work on the areas designated for recycling, picking up trash, planting native plants, and working with the teachers on reducing their energy consumption. Every A period recycling attended is worth one E2 hour. Meet in room S3.  
Program Requirements:
The program requires 7 hours of E2 community service, attending at least 2 lectures after school on environmental topics, and completing other projects. Students who complete 12 hours of E2 community service in addition to the mandatory 2 lectures will be awarded a cord at their graduation (for every year they participate). At the end of the year, each E2 member will complete an E2 portfolio. The instructions are attached.

For more information about our club contact Club President Dennis Riley at .

The E2 Program at San Ramon Valley High School is a cross-curricular program that will provide years of relevant and creative environmentally based curriculum to address the environmental needs of our planet through hands-on projects and interdisciplinary studies.
It is our belief that modern society is straining the earth and its resources, and without change, will lead to global crises. By encouraging environmental stewardship in public education, we can develop life-long guardians of the earth and change current life styles to protect our home and its dwindling resources. Using community partnerships, participation in volunteer activities, and rigorous curriculum, we can improve the world through education and increase awareness of our impacts on the