San Ramon Valley High School

Counseling & Guidance
San Ramon Valley High School is committed to assisting students in developing a program that meets their academic goals, offers instruction that will lead to a healthy lifestyle, and affords ample opportunity for participation in appropriate and meaningful activities. You will find the High School Course Catalog on the website (Counseling/Course Catalog). Inside you will find information about the courses we plan to offer next year along with information on how to select and register for them.
In addition to learning about specific courses, by reading this catalog you will learn about the SRVHS graduation requirements, the kind of program recommended by colleges, and the wide-range of academic opportunities available at our school. As you begin planning your courses for next year and beyond, keep in mind that you will perform best when you select a program that includes courses that are personally interesting and appropriately challenging.
During the second semester of each year, you are asked to choose courses for both semesters of the next school year. During the registration process, your teachers will advise you as to which courses are appropriate for you, based upon your ability, performance, and future plans. Take their advice seriously and be certain to ask why they are recommending certain courses for you. Before you sign up for a course, you should be sure that you understand what the course will cover, what the prerequisites are, and whether or not there are any expectations beyond what might be considered “normal” for a course, such as additional labs, rehearsals, research, or readings. You should also make certain that you are eligible to take the course since not all courses are available to all grades.
During the registration process, teachers and counselors will offer advice to current students as to which courses are most appropriate based upon ability, performance, and future plans. Students who are new to SRVHS will meet with their counselor to develop their schedule. If necessary, students may be asked to speak with a teacher so that we can make certain correct placement decisions are made.
Choosing a course of study is best done by looking at the broad picture of what you hope to accomplish over the four years of high school. While it’s not necessary to have a four-year plan carved in stone, it is helpful to have at least a rough plan of the courses you might want to take through your senior year and to revise that plan each spring as you prepare to select courses for the coming school year. Choices made in grades nine, ten and eleven will impact the options you will have available later.
The information on these pages and in the Course Description Booklet describes the courses which SRVHS plans to offer during the current school year. Courses are scheduled based upon student interest and the most effective utilization of teachers. It is extremely important that you choose your courses wisely. It may be impossible to make changes once schedules are established. We do not entertain requests for specific teachers.