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AP Music Theory

Students in AP Music Theory will:
  • Notate pitch and rhythm in accordance with standard notation practices
  • Read and notate melodies in treble, bass, and movable C clefs
  • Write, sing, and play major scales and all three forms of minor scales
  • Recognize by ear and by sight all intervals within an octave
  • Use the basic rules that govern music composition
  • Harmonize a melody with appropriate chords using good voice leading
  • Analyze the chords of a musical composition using Roman numerals
  • Transpose a composition from one key to another
  • Express musical ideas by composing and arranging
  • Understand and recognize basic musical forms: ternary, binary, rondo, etc.
  • Write simple rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic dictation
  • Identify basic form and cadences
  • Construct compositions in a four part texture
  • Advance understanding of note relationships
  • Demonstrate elements of dictation
  • Develop sight-singing skills
  • Advance 4 part writing techniques
  • Prepare for AP exam