San Ramon Valley High School

College & Career Center
Welcome to our News and Updates page. We will post to this page as we learn interesting college and career information to pass along. Please contact us if you have questions. We look forward to keeping you informed!

Candy Jewett & Jill Schratz, SRVHS College and Career Center Coordinators

COMMUNICATION:   Be sure to check your college portals for admissions updates.  Read all communication you receive from colleges so you don't miss any important deadlines.  Remember that you will need to submit an intent to register (SIR) and potentially pay an enrollment deposit to ONE college by May 1, 2014. (4/19/14)
WAITING LISTS/APPEALS:    If you have accepted positions on waiting lists or have sent appeal letters, be sure continue to stay in touch with those colleges.  In most cases, colleges will not respond to you before May 1, so be sure to accept an offer of admission from another college by May  1.  If your "wait-listed" or "appealed" college offers you admission, you may withdrawn the SIR to the first college and accept the offer of admission from the other.  Usually there is a very short turnaround time for accepting this type of offer, so BE SURE to check your communications on a regular basis.  (4/19/14)

APPLYING TO DVC: If you are planning to attend DVC (or thinking about it) in fall 2014, be sure to begin your application process NOW. Go to: to begin the process and become eligible for early course registration! Pick up an information packet in the College and Career Center (3/2)

NAVIANCE:  Be sure to use the tools in the program and begin to explore colleges and summer programs.  If necessary, stop by the College and Career Center for assistance with logging into the program. (3/31)
EAP TESTING:  As part of the required CA State testing, EAP (Early Assessment Program) tests are conducted to determine college readiness in Math and English.  Juniors should save their STAR report score reports that they receive in the summer as proven proficiency can opt students out of needing to take Math and English Placements Tests for colleges, as seniors. 

Be sure to sign up for your SAT or ACT tests SOON if you intend to apply to 4 year colleges.  Most require that you submit an ACT or SAT score when you apply, and we recommend that you plan to take at least one test in the spring of your junior year so you have at least one score before summer.  Then, you can use the summer months to do any preparation you need to raise your score (if appropriate) and re-take a test in the early fall (if appropriate).  Use the Naviance “college compare” tool to get a sense of test scores of students who have applied from SRVHS to the schools you are considering.  That will help you know an appropriate score range for a particular school.  


All freshmen have been introduced to our Naviance Family Connection college and career planning tool (as part of their Health Class curriculum). Remember to use this valuable resource to explore post high school options including Career and College options. (3/31)


Parents and students: Contact Mrs. Schratz or Mrs. Jewett for assistance with logging into Naviance. Naviance is a college and career planning tool being used districtwide to assist students with their post high school plans.